Age of Zalmoxis (KOSON)

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Age of Zalmoxis is a new 2022 blockchain game that is a third-person MMORPG. The action takes place in the fantasy universe of the Dacian Kingdom, where dangers from different worlds collide. For the highest quality study of historical details, the project team invited researchers from the institutes of archeology, as well as experienced developers and artists who previously worked at Blizzard, Ubisoft, EA, and other large companies.

KOSON are ESDT (Elrond Blockchain) tokens that play an essential role in the Age of Zalmoxis. The name comes from real coins that were minted by the Dacian tribes who lived in the Middle Ages near the Black Sea. KOSON can be earned by playing the game or placing your tokens or NFTs.

Age of Zalmoxis has a well-thought-out plot and reveals it in narrative form — episodes, stories, and sagas. The gameplay itself includes many components:

Territories. Players can own plots and buy and sell them in the NFT format. Each lot belongs to one of the five available biomes. Possessing a site can influence the events taking place in the biome. Also, on its territory, the owner of the coins can build buildings, and cities, hire workers, provide services, and even provide their content to other users.

Heroic Souls. The system of souls is arranged in this way: the player needs to buy a valiant soul, after which he becomes a kind of a “demigod” and can summon game characters and those, in turn, others.

Mass and single events. Boss raids, dungeon crawls, quests — in a word, everything we love about popular MMORPGs like World of Warcraft.

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Crafting system. Moreover, you can craft items for your character and equip a city or land.

Various combat. The player will be able to choose the fighting style that is closer to him from 9 options.

Individual and team gladiatorial tournaments. As a reward for winning, players will be able to receive KOSON or EGLD tokens.

The game has a marketplace where you can sell and buy NFT game items needed for crafting, building, improvements, etc. Purchases are made for the EGLD token; later, it will be possible to use the native KOSON token. From each transaction, the platform takes a commission of 5% in its favor.

All goods sold are divided into several categories of rarity. This largely determines their cost, as well as quality. For example, legendary weapons are expensive but will never require repair.