Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)

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DAO Maker is a platform that aims to redefine venture capital for the masses by providing scalable technologies and funding support to tokenized startups.

This venture capital fund was first conceptualized in 2017. It has since evolved to create low-turnout frameworks, enabling many retail investors and individuals to participate in venture capital. When funding through DAO Maker, the risks for both parties – the investors and the startups – are significantly reduced.

The DAO Pad is a multi-investment platform that allows DAO Maker’s community members to stake DAO tokens into the Venture Yield, enabling them to participate in early public funding rounds, thereby incentivizing the most loyal and active members. Furthermore, the Venture Yield provides up to 22% APR paid out in DAO to its stakers.

DAO Maker energizes the community and encourages them to participate in the progress and expansion of the projects hosted on the platform through social mining. Social mining allows startups to leverage token holders to become successful decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). This improves the economic output of token holders, reduces free-ridership issues, and turns flippers into holders. It also offers various risk levels to accommodate a wide range of risk appetites, thereby significantly expanding the audience.

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