Diamond Launch (DLC)

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Diamond Launch is a platform for IDO (initial DEX offering), decentralized token sales of new blockchain projects. The protocol allows developers to make a fair distribution among the first users and investors to get access to promising projects verified by developers, with a low entry barrier and special incentives. A feature to be considered: KYC control is implemented on the platform; verification is required.

DLC is the native token of the Diamond Launch project. It gives the right to vote on changes in the platform’s functionality, approval of newly added projects, etc. Also, the token owners are included in the safelist of premium projects. They can participate in the so-called pledged mining, receiving rewards for actions that benefit the platform.

The Diamond Launch protocol allows developers of new blockchain projects to conduct pre-sales and lead sales of their tokens, attracting interested investors. At the same time, the platform strives for maximum security and actions within the framework of the law. Therefore, it has implemented the KYC procedure for all participants.

It is possible to issue tokens in three chains: BNB Chain, OKX Chain, and Polygon.

The platform’s mission is to provide a secure environment for conducting IDO, an initial token offering on a decentralized exchange. At the same time, a sufficiently low entry barrier and a system of additional rewards are guaranteed.

Key benefits that make the platform stand out:

  • Support for multiple leading chains optimized for web3 infrastructure.
  • Careful selection of projects before placement.
  • Active social media community with 30,000+ members.

At Diamond Launch, there will be no distributions through lotteries and chances, and the process will be fair for participants of all levels.

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Developers are charged for creating a launchpad project on Diamond Launch; it includes a certain number of mainnet coins + a percentage of the attracted tokens. Namely:

  • BNB Chain – 1 BNB + 3% raised tokens
  • OKX Chain – 20 OKT + 3% raised tokens
  • Polygon – 100 MATIC + 3% raised tokens

The percentage is reduced to 2% if launchpad uses native DLC tokens.

The site has the opportunity to conduct pre-sales — public and private. Public sales imply the absence of any requirements for a safelist; all users can participate.

As for private, only whitelisted investors can participate. The owner of each project himself determines the criteria for inclusion in the BS. Usually, these are factors such as the minimum amount of DLC tokens on the balance, subscription to social networks, actions to invite other users, etc.

The pre-sale may end before the maximum amount of funds has been collected if the collection balance is less than the minimum purchase amount for one user. The rest will be returned to the project owner.