Okse (OKSE)

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Okse is a decentralized platform for managing crypto assets and linking with real-world fiat solutions such as Visa/Mastercard. The goal of the project is to replace third parties in financial transactions (such as banks and other intermediaries) with smart contracts and thereby reduce the risk of fraud and identity theft of people.

OKSE is the service token of the site, which users can use to expand the limits on the virtual card and daily expenses, as well as reduce the subscription fee.

The application can be used as a normal decentralized wallet for tokens on the BNB Chain, Avalanche, Fantom blockchains — to store, send and receive cryptocurrency.

But the main tool of interest in this project is the possibility of issuing a cryptocard. It is a virtual debit card that allows users to make payments anywhere in the world. In order to get it, you need to pass verification (KYC) in the Okse decentralized application.

Having a verified account allows you to manage the cryptocurrencies used for card payments. At the same time, in order to replenish the card, you need to make a deposit in a special smart contract.

Funds will be transferred after user confirmation to the main wallet from the integrated Signer Wallet. When a card payment is made, the wallet makes an instant transfer to the debit card provider. In this case, the selected payment currency will be immediately converted to USDC or BUSD in order to maintain the maximum possible peg to fiat (USD).

To withdraw funds to the Okse wallet from which the deposit was made, the transaction is signed by the main wallet and the user’s Signer Wallet.

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