3 Steps for a Fun Meeting with a Startup Investor

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How do Venture Funds select their projects? Welp, here are some tips. We’re ain’t come here to mess with the public — we’re after the Naughty. 


Unkempt clothes are a no-go. Project docs should be kept on a cloud drive with clearly readable names.

Soldered underwear. Prepare an MVP, and test if it works on other devices too. 

Pretty colors. Do a Google Presentation on the project by yourself. Keep it under 10 slides. 

That’s 3 basic steps toward investment, now, 3 more.


Pick up a look. If the idea is raw, then boil it down to basics. Try to explain it in 10 words and in under 10 seconds. 

Think of accessories. Get a turnover strategy with numbers. Here are some tips: fees, commissions, advertisement, and co-ops with other projects.

Express style. Projects should address existing market needs. Find a relatable one, add it to the presentation, and explain how your project covers it.

Now, we should be ready for a date with a venture fund… But not so fast!


How about a bouquet? Store your code on a non-public GitHub account. And consider third-party cloud providers during a build.

Use protection. Try to build the product with blockchain-based cloud services or smart-contract execution in mind.

Be yourself. Having a proper presentation and a working MVP is what a venture find date can’t do without.

Go for it, champ!

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