Bridge Champ Announces NFT Badge And Crypto Integration

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Playing bridge online has become much more accessible thanks to the Bridge Champ platform. The team leverages blockchain technology to connect players and now seeks to advance its solution through crypto rewards and NFT badges.


Bridge Champ Takes The Next Step

The concept of playing bridge online – either as a novice, expert, or club – has remained elusive for a very long time. Things began to change with the help of Bridge Champ and its blockchain-based solution. Built on Ignis, the first child chain of Jelurida’s Ardor technology stack, the platform prides itself on thwarting cheating. In addition, the ledger secures all relevant game data.

So far, Bridge Champ has proven relatively successful. There is tremendous global interest in the online bridge platform. Global demand for online and competitive bridge play becomes more outspoken, and players make their way to the blockchain platform in droves. Continuing that momentum – and potentially accelerating it – is the next major objective.

Bridge Champ’s new roadmap seeks to enhance the platform and align it to the team’s initial vision. That includes organziing online tournaments, cryptocurrency rewards, token payments, and adding NFTs. For the latter, Bridge Champ will support NFT badges tied to in-game achievements on the platform. Based on player performance, they can unlock cryptocurrency rewards.

Other aspects of the roadmap include unifying the mobile and web experience, credit card payment support, and official leaderboards. Bridge is a very social game, as using NFT badges, achievements, rankings, and rewards makes the blockchain platform stand out among other online providers. In addition, the roadmap enhancements allow more people to get acquainted with cryptocurrencies.

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A Different Take On Play-to-Earn

When people think about NFTs, they may consider the play-to-earn industry. However, P2E games traditionally require players to make an upfront NFT purchase before accessing the ecosystem. Bridge Champ takes the opposite route, as the blockchain-based platform is accessible to anyone at no cost. Their use of NFTs is more social-oriented rather than money-driven.

More importantly, the play-to-earn aspects will elevate Bridge Champ’s social features. Those features allow for building a global network of bridge players, clubs, and federations. With native support for guided play and pre-made hands, anyone can pick up a bridge in hours. Using an NFT badge to show one’s progress is a badge of honor and one that can lead to crypto rewards. 

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