Trading Tips

Successful Crypto Start: Trading Tips For Beginners

Although crypto has already proven to be an effective investment and trading tool, many beginners quit before they can even open their first order. There are several reasons for...

Earning Crypto Capital: Alternatives To Trading

Although trading and investing are the two most common financial methods in the crypto market, they are not the only ones. This article explores alternative ways one can earn capital on cryptocurrencies.

Shilling or Gem: How to Spot Dishonest Crypto Ads

In crypto, the new “shilling” phenomenon, the aggressive promotion of any coin by someone with status, is becoming increasingly popular. We are convinced that aware means armed, so stay tuned to learn how to spot crypto shillings!

How News Impact Crypto Prices: The Merge Edition

The Merge, being one of the most important crypto events of the month, has significantly impacted the market.

Market Sentiment: What News Impacts Crypto Prices

While sentiment analysis is essential for crypto investing, not all social messages are equally important. Learn how to determine the essential news and disregard the rest.

CEX or DEX: What’s The Difference And How To Choose a Crypto Exchange

Crypto exchanges can be divided into two main types: centralized and decentralized. Although both have pros and cons, the choice depends on the trader’s goals and preferences.

Long vs. Short: Which To Choose In Crypto Trading

This article will answer the most common questions beginners face throughout their crypto journey. 

Top Altcoins to Diversify a Crypto Portfolio

The digital assets market currently consists of more than 20 thousand different tokens besides Bitcoin, according to CoinMarketCap. Thus, we have prepared a list of top altcoins for portfolio diversification so you don’t have to. 

Market Manipulation 101: How to Avoid Liquidation

We saw how Bitcoin reached $70k in under a year, but could we imagine what wonders the bear market does to crypto?