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Bitcoin Surges Past $45K, Aiming for New Highs Amid ETF Anticipation

Bitcoin Surges Past $45K, Aiming for New Highs Amid ETF Anticipation; Kyrgyzstan's Cryptocurrency Mining Tax Revenue Shows Growth in 2023; Cross-Chain Orbit Bridge Faces $82 Million Exploit, Shaking Orbit Chain Protocol

Grayscale re-files Bitcoin ETF application, as Barry Silbert departs

As Barry Silbert departs, Grayscale re-files Bitcoin ETF application; Kyber Network Implements Workforce Reduction Following $49M Exploit; Bitcoin Investments Gain Traction Among NFL Athletes

Arthur Hayes Warns of Potential Threat from Spot Bitcoin ETFs

Arthur Hayes Warns of Potential Threat from Spot Bitcoin ETFs; Japan Eliminates Corporate Tax on Unrealized Crypto Profits; Base Network Achieves Steady Growth, Surpassing $735 Million TVL

Cristiano Ronaldo sued for promoting Binance and unregistered securities

Cristiano Ronaldo could be in trouble; The KyberSwap DEX hacker has sent an on-chain message: Be nice or else; Tether's new capital raising Bitfinex bond fails

$46 million stolen from KyberSwap DEX!

$46 million stolen from KyberSwap DEX; BlackRock meets with SEC for spot Bitcoin ETF; CZ addressed Binance employees by quoting Star Trek

Bitcoin-friendly Javier Milei wins Argentina’s presidential election

Bitcoin-friendly Javier Milei wins Argentina's presidential election; dYdX founder claims planned attack on exchange via YFI; SEC delays decisions on ETF applications

SEC delays two ETF filings

SEC delays two ETF applications; Layer 2 networks reach $13 billion TVL; Solana refutes CertiK's 'erroneous' report on Saga phone vulnerabilities!

OKX launches Ethereum layer-2 testnet using ZK-based Polygon CDK

OKX launches Ethereum layer-2 testnet using ZK-based Polygon CDK; The SEC imposed a fine of approximately $ 5 billion in 2023;Disney launches NFT platform with Dapper Labs

Fake ETF File on XRP: First Rallied Then Crashed

Crypto Updates: XRP Surge, Tether Prints $4B, THORChain Soars

SEC Delays Decision on 6 Firms’ Bitcoin ETF Filings!

SEC postpones decision on six companies' spot Bitcoin ETF applications; Binance says goodbye to BUSD; 16 million dollar worth of cryptocurrency hacks in August beats Uniswap and Bitcoin Network! beats Uniswap and Bitcoin network; Binance allegedly limits withdrawals in Europe; Vitalik Buterin transfers Ethereum to Coinbase

What is Feedzai, and how is it used to detect financial fraud?

Financial scams are rising, with losses amounting to $8.8 billion in 2022 alone. According to the United States Federal Trade Commission, losses from financial...

Cypher Protocol reveals $600K of stolen funds is now frozen on CEXs

Solana-based decentralized futures exchange Cypher Protocol has managed to freeze $600,000 worth of crypto stolen from an Aug. 7 security exploit.In an X (Twitter)...

Ethereum is a ‘dumpster fire’ — Charles Hoskinson

An amusing attempt at satire has drawn the ire of Cardano (ADA) founder Charles Hoskinson, or so it appears.In response to a fan commentary...

5 smart contract vulnerabilities: How to identify and mitigate them

Smart contracts, the self-executing code on blockchain platforms, have transformed industries by automating processes and enabling trustless transactions. However, their complexity can also make...

SwirlLend rugs on new Coinbase layer 2 Base as large number of scammers reported

Base, Coinbase’s new layer 2, has been fully operational for a week and has already seen an influx of bad actors. In the latest...

A Based week: Looking back at the first 7 days of Onchain Summer

It’s been an eventful week since Coinbase launched its new layer-2 network Base to the public, bringing with it a frenzy of activity from...