Dash (DASH)

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Ticker DASH
Total emission18 920 000 DASH
Official sitehttps://www.dash.org/ 
ExchangesBinance, Bybit, Kucoin, Hotbit, Kraken, Gate.io, OKX, Huobi

The coin was launched in 2014 by Evan Duffield as one of the forks of Bitcoin. Indeed, there are many everyday observations and various cryptocurrencies, including decentralization and cryptographic security. However, there are significant differences in terms of speed and anonymity.

As part of the agreement, InstantSend is concluded. This is a verified transaction confirmation. Most currencies take a certain amount of time for the transaction as it has to be validated and included in a certain number of blocks. The Dash network uses masternodes.

Masternodes require a second level of support to detect that access is ready to seize all resources. Masternodes test computing power and add it to the block in 1-2 seconds, determining the safe and efficient operation of the network.

Another essential feature is PrivateSend, a coin-mixing engine designed to collect financial privacy and hide funds.

How PrivateSend works:

  • The transaction is divided into separate denominations of the standard volume – 0.01 DASH, 0.1 DASH, 1 DASH, and 10 DASH.
  • Next, the sender’s wallet initiates a request to the masternode, so the user wants to mix a certain amount of coins.
  • The masternode broadcasts a message on the network indicating that implementation is possible and that the user is pending.
  • Two more people are connected to the masternode, mixing the coins.
  • The session of allergic reactions begins. The masternode changes transaction inputs. Now each of the users must pay a mixed three-time entry.
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The operation is repeated several times (rounds), which ensures that, in the end, the sources of funds are returned entirely anonymously.