DeFi meets AI: Can this synergy be the new focus of tech acquisitions?

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The crypto industry has faced significant challenges over the past few years, dealing with issues such as failed exchanges, regulation, collapsing projects and depegged stablecoins. These hurdles have contributed to an atmosphere of uncertainty and skepticism within the industry. However, the obstacles experienced within the space have now paved the way for new entrants, and with them, innovative solutions that continue to drive the evolution of decentralized finance (DeFi).

At the forefront of these efforts is a growing desire to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into financial ecosystems, which represents the next step for crypto. This central focus on AI aims to strengthen resilience, mitigate risk, and build a sustainable and trusted foundation for the future of the industry.

One of DeFi’s use cases for AI relates to trading and portfolio management. AI tools can improve forecasting capabilities by introducing more advanced and accurate predictive models for cryptocurrency price movements. AI-based trading tools can analyze vast amounts of price data, identify chart patterns, and take bullish or bearish positions using technical analysis indicators. Not only are such tools more accurate and powerful than humans, but they are also completely unaffected by the psychological aspect of being able to enter and exit positions according to strategy.

AI can perform trades based on predetermined conditions and learned patterns, enabling trades to occur 24/7 with high efficiency. This could open up more opportunities for traders in the volatile cryptocurrency markets.

Improving DeFi with AI

One example of an AI-powered DeFi trading platform is Athena GPT, a product of NFA Labs (NFAi). Athena is part of a wider DeFi ecosystem known as Not Financial Advice (NFA), which will also include the lending protocol Canis and the insurance protocol Hecate.

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The trading platform features an intuitive dashboard and powerful AI tools, including the Athena portfolio management service, which can handle over 35 cryptocurrency pairs. It can analyze and predict their prices in real time and automatically open long and short positions. Athena also uses AI’s learning capabilities to take futures trading positions and return profits to the ecosystem, increasing its speculative value. Furthermore, the ability to assess market sentiment based on major social media platforms such as Twitter and Reddit while operating around the clock, gives investors continuous opportunities to make profitable trades in both bullish and bearish markets.

Source: NFA Labs

Source: NFA Labs

What sets NFA Labs apart in the space is its focus on identifying the major issues within crypto and creating a solution, pushing the boundaries of what is possible with AI, and building a thoughtful economic framework that resonates with investors who have simply accepted certain realities that the project now seeks to challenge.

NFA Labs is demonstrating the power of AI and how this technology can make DeFi more attractive to investors of all types by reducing reliance on centralized entities that are subject to a variety of other risks.

The combination of DeFi and AI has the potential to transform the financial world, democratizing access to financial instruments and opportunities previously available only to a limited number of traders.

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