Final Fantasy Creator Taps Polygon For Web3 Project

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Square Enix has partnered up with the Polygon blockchain to launch their next Web3 project, called Symbiogenesis. 

Square Enix Launching Web3 Experience

The Japanese gaming company, responsible for creating iconic video game franchises like Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts, will launch a dynamic Web3 project on the Polygon blockchain. The project, being dubbed Symbiogenesis, will be an interactive Web3 experience allowing users access to fast, secure, and energy-efficient transactions on the Polygon network. The President of Square Enix, Yosuke Matsuda, has shown considerable interest in the Metaverse and Web3. A year back, he wrote, 

“The basic and elemental technologies to enable blockchain games already exist, and there has been an increase in the societal literacy and acceptance of crypto assets in the past few years. We will keep a close eye on societal shifts in this space while listening to the many groups of users that populate it, and ramp up our efforts to develop a business accordingly, with an eye to potentially issuing our own tokens in the future.”

The Symbiogenesis Project

The project will include an NFT collection of 10,000 digital collectibles, which will be linked to a storyline that players need to unravel in a virtual adventure. The gameplay revolves around trading these digital collectibles, which can be earned by completing various missions. As the players make different strategic moves, the digital art evolves to reflect that in the collection. Furthermore, players will also be able to replicate these digital arts and sell them to garner the community’s power in completing different missions. Even though the game offers multiple endings for different gameplays, only three players that meet specific conditions will be selected to participate in the final “World Mission,” which will determine the true ending of the story and the fate of the world. 

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Game Producer Naoyuki Tamate spoke about the Symbiogenesis project, 

“Symbiogenesis was designed from the ground up on the blockchain and is designed to provide an exceptional experience for both community building and trading. Square Enix opted to tap into Polygon’s high transaction speeds, low gas fees, and overall user-friendliness to deliver this unique experience to Web3 fans.”

Polygon Chosen As Blockchain Partner

The Symbiogenesis project was first announced back in November 2022 by Square Enix as a “digital collectible art experience for Web3 fans.” On Wednesday, Polygon announced its involvement with the project through a tweet, 

“We’re proud to collaborate with Square Enix for their unique, Web3 experience, Symbiogenesis…Launching this spring, players untangle the story of 10,000 digital collectible arts. Find a number of items hidden in the floating continent that can be turned into NFTs.”

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