Hacken Merge Program: A New Era of Tokenized Equity?

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Hacken, a Web3 security company, on March 1, has released the Hacken HAI Tokenomics update — and it’s quite striking.  In particular, after transforming its community into hDAO, the Hacken CEO plans to give away 10% of its equity for 100,000,000 HAI tokens.

The world is changing rapidly, and the world of crypto is leading the change. As Web3 moves towards a more decentralized future, zero-trust models are becoming increasingly important. Without due transparency, the industry would get swarmed by projects with weak concepts, malicious code vulnerabilities, rug pulls, poor management, and scams. 

The solution would be to provide accessible, open, up-to-date, well-structured, and easy-to-use data and tools in order to make it transparent which projects deserve user trust — and that’s precisely what Hacken aims to achieve.

Hacken: solutions for a secure Web3 space

Since 2017, Hacken has been aiming at building a public goods community of like-minded individuals who believe in the power of Web3 security and see the importance of trust. As the next stage of its evolution, Hacken is transforming into hDAO — an association of people who want to build a secure Web3 where trust is a default — while providing the necessary resources and tools.

One of Hacken’s previous projects was Trust Army: an online school where anyone can improve their Web3 research skills and start collecting data to help build a transparent Web3. New tokenomics, set to transform the HAI token into a Work-2-Earn, governance, and product-utility token, is the next step in the same direction. 

Hacken Merge, giving away 10% of Hacken’s equity

Dmitry Budorin, Сo-Founder, CEO, and Сo-Owner of Hacken, announced the Hacken Merge program, where under 10% of the company’s equity will be swapped for 100,000,000 HAI tokens.

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Any HAI holder can deposit their tokens into a 100 million pool and receive a percentage of the company’s shares in two years (based on their share). De facto, it is a 2-year futures contract for Hacken’s shares, as the company is working towards becoming a public company, according to a recent announcement at an AMA session.

A pioneer of Web3 security auditing, Hacken nurtured this industry and helped double its market share during the last few years. Its auditing services, which brought in 9 million in revenue in 2022, are now packed into a solution that further raises the value of the HAI token.

Thus, the Hacken Merge program is an innovative and exciting opportunity for HAI holders to invest in the future of Hacken and potentially reap the benefits of the company’s success.

Through supporting initiatives like Hacken Tokenomics, any web user can take part in building a robust and trustworthy ecosystem, and pave the way for the future of Web3. 

Check out the official website to learn more about Hacken or join the initiative.

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