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  • Polygon has unveiled a new product called Polygon Portal.
  • Polygon asserts the new platform offers seamless access to the entire ecosystem in one interface.
  • The new product will likely play a key role in the Polygon 2.0 roadmap.

Managing and bridging crypto assets can be complex, with mistakes often being irreversible and costly. However, as a proposed multichain Ethereum scaling solution, these are all operations critical to Polygon’s adoption.

To abstract complexities and improve the user experience, Polygon Labs has rolled out an improved platform to replace its Wallet Suite product and offer users a unified, seamless, and intuitive way to manage and bridge assets within the Polygon and Ethereum ecosystem.

Polygon Labs Unveils Polygon Portal

In an X Post on Tuesday, December 12, Polygon Labs revealed that it was deprecating the Polygon Wallet Suite in favor of a new product called Polygon Portal, dubbing it “the new, unified destination with a full dashboard for Polygon PoS, Polygon zkEVM, and Ethereum.”

Polygon Labs asserted that the new platform would allow users to manage assets across all Polygon chains and seamlessly bridge to and from the Ethereum network within a single interface. The team noted that developers could also use the platform to access relevant tools and resources. The platform further features access to staking services for validators.

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Promoted features of the Polygon Portal include the Socket bridge and Refuel Gas. The latter, powered by 0x API, improves on the previous Swap for Gas feature, allowing users to purchase ETH or MATIC for gas on a chain they are bridging.

With Polygon charting a path to a multichain future, the Polygon Portal is likely to play an increasingly important role.

The Polygon 2.0 Roadmap

In June 2023, Polygon Labs unveiled its 2.0 roadmap to become a network of zero-knowledge-powered Layer 2 chains to scale the Ethereum network better. In line with this vision, Polygon Labs has outlined several big changes to the network, including a governance revamp and upgrading the network’s native token from MATIC to POL.

With the launch of the Polygon Chain Development Kit in August 2023, the ecosystem is already burgeoning with big companies and projects like OKX, Flipkart, and Astar.

On the Flipside 

  • Polygon Founder Sandeep Nailwal has promised exciting developments for December 2023.

Why This Matters

The Polygon Portal will likely make it significantly easier for users to interact with the expanding Polygon ecosystem.

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