Bitcoin hits two-month lows: $38,500

Bitcoin hits two-month lows: $38,500; OKX Exchange to Compensate Users Following 48% Token Flash Crash; Radiant Capital Initiates Debt Repayment After $4.5 Million Flash Loan Exploit

Matrixport Founder Addresses Bitcoin ETF Report and Market Volatility

Matrixport Founder Addresses Bitcoin ETF Report and Market Volatility; BlackRock Set to Invest $10 Million in Bitcoin to Seed Anticipated ETF Launch; ENS Token Soars 72% as Ethereum Co-Founder, Vitalik Buterin, Commends Platform’s Significance

Bitcoin’s Lightning Network Faces Security Threats

The Lightning Network, a well-known solution for enhancing the scalability of Bitcoin, is currently facing intense scrutiny due to a series of security vulnerabilities...

Tesla Earnings: Maintains Bitcoin Holdings and Focuses on AI

Renowned electric car manufacturer, Tesla’s latest earnings call revealed that its Bitcoin bag remains untouched. It is the company's fifth consecutive quarter without any...

Bitcoin Rally on Fake ETF News

Fake news on Bitcoin ETF, initially posted by Cointelegraph, forced a whale to buy an astounding amount of Bitcoin Futures. On Monday (Oct.16) Cointelegraph posted...

MasterCard’s Live Demo Test: Wrapping CBDC

Mastercard has unveiled an avant-garde technology aiming to revolutionize the landscape of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). According to the Oct. 12 announcement, the trial...

Stars Arena Recovered 90% of Stolen Funds

The exploiter of the Web3 social media platform Stars Arena agreed to keep a 10% bounty in exchange for returning the remainder of the...

Ex-Alameda CEO Testifies: SBF “Directed” Her to Commit Fraud

Caroline Ellison, the former CEO of Alameda Research, took the stand as a star witness against failed FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried, claiming that he...

Web3 Community Launching “Crypto Aid Israel” Initiative

Crypto Aid Israel has a multisig wallet to collect donations in more than a dozen cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, etc. Crypto investors have...

Exploring Different Cryptocurrency Networks

The world of cryptocurrency is a vast and ever-expanding universe, with a multitude of cryptocurrencies and networks that power them. Each of these networks...

SpaceX sold $373 million worth of BTC – Bitcoin price dropped $26,480!

SpaceX sold $373 million worth of BTC; Bitcoin price drops 8 percent. BTC price is $26,480 now; Coinbase is suspending USDT trading for Canadian users.

Grayscale Advocates Simultaneous Approval of ETFs by SEC to Foster Fairness and Market Integrity

Grayscale Advocates Simultaneous Approval of ETFs by SEC to Foster Fairness and Market Integrity; FTX and Genesis Reach Settlement in Bankruptcy Cases; Record-Breaking Participation in BTC and ETH Futures at CME Group

Bitcoin (BTC) is pushing $ 24,000!

Justin Sun says a major country will legalize TRX;South Korea is building a cryptocurrency tracking system;Bitcoin (BTC) is pushing $ 24,000.


BlockFi files for bankruptcy, Aave temporarily freezes specific credit markets, and Game7 allocates $100M for Web 3.0 game companies.


Bitcoin output from exchanges rose to 179 thousand; Binance aims to allocate $1 billion for a crypto recovery fund; United Arab Emirates has terminated FTX’s license.


Bitcoin bond bill submitted to parliament in El Salvador; US Senator Elizabeth Warren: "Cryptos will destroy the economy!"; Letter from Sam Bankman-Fried to FTX employees: “We may still have a chance.”