The HTX (formerly Huobi) hot wallet has been hacked

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The HTX (formerly Huobi) hot wallet has been hacked; MicroStrategy has purchased 5,445 Bitcoins; Vitalik Buterin sent 400 ETH to Coinbase!

HTX hacked 

CyversAlerts reports that the Huobi exchange, or HTX as it is now known, has been hacked. Allegations of Justin Sun using customer funds as personal capital aside, today’s incident clearly indicates a significant loss. One of the exchange’s hot wallets may have been hacked.

CyversAlerts, who made the announcement, wrote the following:

Yesterday, our machine learning-powered system detected a suspicious transaction. Although we tried to contact Huobi/HTX officials, we were unsuccessful. We have confirmed that one of their hot wallets was compromised, resulting in a loss of $7.9 million. Huobi is offering a 5 percent White Hat bonus to the attacker.

For years, hackers have been categorised according to their intentions. Black Hat and White Hat hackers carry out attacks with different objectives. The white hat group offers cybersecurity services to companies on the legitimate side of the business. Black hat hackers, on the other hand, launch attacks to get booty (crypto, saleable databases, etc.) or simply to damage the system.

If one of Huobi’s wallets can be hacked, investors may fear the others. The price of the exchange’s native token could be negatively affected.

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Justin Sun issued the following statement regarding the hacking attack:

HTX lost 5,000 ETH (worth $8 million) due to the hacking attack. Huobi HTX has fully absorbed the losses from this attack and has successfully resolved all related issues. All users’ assets are safe and the platform is operating normally.

Vitalik Buterin sent 400 ETH to Coinbase!

Blockchain sleuths have flagged several Ether (ETH) transactions totalling over $3.9 million from a wallet linked to Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin in September 2023. Various blockchain monitoring profiles shared details of 400 ETH transactions worth an estimated $632,000 from Vitalik’s wallet with Coinbase on 25 September.

According to Spot On Chain, Buterin’s latest transaction is the latest in a series of ETH deposits to centralised exchanges over the past 10 days. The blockchain analytics platform estimates that Buterin has deposited an estimated 2,421 ETH ($3.94 million) since 15 September.

The platform outlined 321 ETH deposited on Kraken between September 15 and September 19. Buterin also reportedly deposited a total of 1,700 ETH on Bitstamp in separate transactions on 17 and 20 September, and 500 ETH on Paxos on 19 September.

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The HTX (formerly Huobi) hot wallet has been hacked; MicroStrategy has purchased 5,445 Bitcoins; Vitalik Buterin sent 400 ETH to Coinbase!

Vitalik Buterin and ETH transfers

The blockchain data also highlights the transfer of 2,000 ETH ($4.9 million) from another wallet long associated with the Ethereum co-founder to the address that executed these transactions.

Nansen highlights a 3,000 ETH transaction between wallets associated with Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin. Source: Nansen

MicroStrategy has purchased 5,445 Bitcoins!

In a move that underscores its unwavering commitment to Bitcoin, MicroStrategy has added an additional 5,445 BTC to its institutional portfolio. The most recent purchase was made on 24 September 2023 at an average price of approximately $27,053 per Bitcoin. This represents an investment of $147.3 million.

This purchase brings MicroStrategy’s total Bitcoin holdings to 158,245 BTC, or approximately $4.68 billion at an average price of $29,582 per Bitcoin. 

MicroStrategy and Bitcoin

MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor has been an outspoken advocate of bitcoin, touting it as “digital gold” and emphasising its role as a strategic currency reserve. This latest acquisition further strengthens MicroStrategy’s position as one of the most prominent institutional investors in Bitcoin.

For those who have followed MicroStrategy’s journey in the cryptocurrency world, the move comes as no surprise. The company first ventured into Bitcoin investing when it made its first purchase in August 2020. Since then, it has continued to accumulate Bitcoin, even borrowing to fund some of its acquisitions.

The HTX (formerly Huobi) hot wallet has been hacked; MicroStrategy has purchased 5,445 Bitcoins; Vitalik Buterin sent 400 ETH to Coinbase!