Trump NFT firm has just $1,000 in the bank but up to half a million in ETH

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CIC Digital LLP, the company owned by Donald Trump that licenses the likeness of the multi-billionaire former president for use on NFTs has revealed that it has less than $1,000 in its US bank account.

The firm does, however, hold an Ethereum wallet with an estimated stash somewhere between $250,000 and $500,000.

Trump revealed CIC’s financial details – along with around 100 other income sources worth a combined $1.2 billion – in a filing submitted on Thursday.

These additional sources include $12.6 million for speaking engagements, over $1 million in advertising from conservative streaming site Rumble, and $284.5 million in income earned from Trump Old Post Office LLC, which owned his hotel in Washington.

It’s important to note that this is a revised filing submitted by Trump to elaborate on the rather broad figures he’d previously disclosed. Indeed, in the original filing, Trump had simply claimed he earned more than $5 million in “hotel revenue.”

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Trump NFTs imagine him as Elvis Presley

Launched late last year, Trump’s first NFT collection comprised a series of 45,000 trading card-style illustrations of the former commander-in-chief in a series of outfits and heroic poses.

The latest series includes an astronaut, a soldier, George Washington, Elvis Presley, and a guitar-toting motorcycle rider. The original run of cards, which were priced at $99 each sold out within 24 hours.

Those ‘lucky’ enough to snag themselves some cards also went into a competition that gave them the chance to bag a dinner at Mar-a-Lago with Trump, a round of golf with the former president, or even a Zoom call.
As reported by Benzinga, OpenSea data shows that sales of Trump-themed digital assets have seen a 17% jump while their floor price has risen 2% to 4.18 ETH.


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