Amount Held in These 3 Bitcoin (BTC) Wallets Will Surprise You

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The editors of BeInCrypto have scrutinized Bitcoin (BTC) wallets to find out which companies and governments are the largest corporate holders of Bitcoin. Unsurprisingly, Michael Saylor’s MicroStrategy holds the largest number of Bitcoin for a public company at 152,800, equal to roughly 0.7% of the total supply.

Miner Marathon Digital Holdings controls the second-largest corporate holding, just under 13,000 BTC. The company controls 0.062% of the asset’s issue, while car manufacturer Tesla owns 10,725.

Corporates and Governments Keep 4% of All Issued Bitcoin

Effectively, public companies control about 1% of the total issued Bitcoin, according to BuyBitcoinWorldWide.

public corporate wallets hold about 25 of all issued Bitcoin.Top 3 public companies that own Bitcoin | Source: BuyBitcoinWorldwide

Most of the Bitcoin private companies hold is stuck on the bankrupt exchange Mt. Gox. Frozen holdings amount to 200,000 BTC, or 0.95% of Bitcoin’s issued supply.

Private companies account for 2% of the total Bitcoin supply Private companies account for 2% of the total Bitcoin supply | Source: BuyBitcoinWorldwide

Eight other private entities are responsible for about 1.1% of the BTC supply, while US and Chinese authorities control most of the 2% supply held by governments.

Largest Exchange Wallets Hold 1.2 Million BTC

According to data from Bitinfocharts, two out of the top five largest BTC wallets hold 363,774 Bitcoin and belong to Binance. The exchange also controls another seven of the top 100 addresses.

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Binance also accounts for about 609,248 Bitcoin or 3% of BTC’s total supply. In second place, holding 0.9%, is a wallet with 178,010 BTC belonging to Hong Kong-based exchange Bitfinex.

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Meanwhile, New York-based Gemini Exchange owns the third-largest wallet among exchanges with 118,300 Bitcoin.

It is worth noting that customers rather than businesses own the crypto in exchange wallets. Customers allow crypto companies to act as custodians of the crypto they deposit.

Top 100 Wallets Control 15% of BTC Issued

After analyzing all the available data, it appears that Binance wallets hold most of the Bitcoin supply. In second place is the US government, and the third-largest holder is Mt. Gox. Around 100 wallets control about 15% of the total Bitcoin supply.

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