What is $michi Solana meme coin?

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What’s Michi All About?

Michi Meme Coin, or just Michi for short, is a cryptocurrency that’s been making waves in the Solana community. With its quirky cat mascot, Michi taps into the fun side of internet culture to draw in a wide range of investors. It’s not just another coin; it’s a playful way for crypto fans to dive into the digital asset scene.

How Many Michi Coins Are There?

A big deal with any cryptocurrency is how many coins are out there. For Michi, the total number is set at 559,343,847 coins. This cap on supply can play a big role in the coin’s value and rarity, which is something investors should keep in mind.

Total Supply559,343,847

Knowing these basics about Michi Meme Coin helps investors make smarter choices. The fixed supply and its unique spot in internet culture make it an interesting option in the crypto world.

Michi Meme Coin: What You Need to Know

Locked Liquidity and Zero Tax

Alright, let’s talk about the juicy bits of Michi Meme Coin. First up, the liquidity pool (LP). Michi’s LP is burned 100%. What does that mean for you? It means the liquidity is locked up tight, like a vault. No sneaky withdrawals by developers or anyone else. This move builds trust and stability for investors, making sure your investment is safe from sudden rug pulls.

Now, let’s get to the tax rate. Michi Meme Coin has a 0% tax rate. Yep, you heard that right. No extra fees when you buy or sell. This is a big win for traders and investors who want to keep every penny of their returns. No hidden charges, just pure profit.


Copyright and Legitimacy

Next, let’s talk about the copyright stuff. Michi Meme Coin is copyrighted for the year 2024. This isn’t just a fancy legal term; it means the coin’s branding, technology, and intellectual property are all protected. The symbol for Michi is $MICHI, and all rights are reserved. This legal backing adds another layer of security and trust for everyone involved.

So there you have it. Michi Meme Coin offers a locked liquidity pool and zero tax rate, making it a solid choice for investors. Plus, with its copyright protections, you can trust that Michi is here to stay.

Michi Coin Market Data

Current Price and Trading Volume

Michi Meme Coin’s price is bouncing around like a pinball. Right now, it’s sitting at $0.117520 USD. In the last day, folks have traded $4,892,853 USD worth of Michi, showing it’s got some serious attention. Even with the usual meme coin rollercoaster, Michi’s price has jumped up by 5.40% in the past 24 hours.

Current Price$0.117520 USD
24-Hour Trading Volume$4,892,853 USD
24-Hour Price Change+5.40%

Circulating and Maximum Supply

If you’re thinking about diving into Michi Meme Coin, you gotta know the supply details. The circulating supply is still a mystery, but we do know there’s a cap at 556,770,760 $MICHI coins. This limit could make the coin more valuable and scarce as time goes on.

Recently, MichiCoin was trading around $0.33 USD. But, heads up, meme coins are wild. MichiCoin’s value has dropped by 15.76% in the last day.

Circulating Supply???
Maximum Supply556,770,760 $MICHI
Current Trading Price$0.33 USD
24-Hour Price Change-15.76%

Keep an eye on these numbers if you’re thinking about jumping into Michi Meme Coin.


Trading Michi Coin

Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges

If you’re looking to trade Michi Meme Coin, there are several popular cryptocurrency exchanges where you can get started. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the best platforms for trading Michi Coin:

Cryptocurrency ExchangeFeatures
KCEXHigh liquidity, easy-to-use interface
BitMartWide range of cryptocurrencies, strong security
MEXCLow trading fees, advanced tools
SuperExQuick transactions, great customer support
JupiterDecentralized, supports many tokens

These exchanges offer features that suit both newbies and seasoned traders, making it easy and fun to trade Michi Coin.

Community-Driven Approach

MichiCoin isn’t just another meme coin; it’s powered by its community. The coin thrives on the energy and enthusiasm of its supporters. It’s all about fairness, inclusivity, and decentralization, creating a space where everyone can join in, no matter their background or experience.

Here’s what makes MichiCoin’s community special:

  • Fairness: Everyone gets a fair shot.
  • Inclusivity: Open to people from all walks of life.
  • Decentralization: Decisions are made by the community, not a central authority.

The community’s active participation is key to MichiCoin’s success. Sharing memes, having fun, and riding the crypto waves together builds a strong sense of camaraderie. This vibe is what makes meme coins like MichiCoin so enjoyable and engaging for everyone involved.