Axie Infinity (AXE)

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In-game token of the P2E Pokemon-like arcade game Axie Infinity — side-project of the Sky Mavis game-making company. Developers were inspired by animal growing and caring features from Tamagotchi and other gotchi-games. As a result — even a single animal in Axie world has around 500 different body parts, representing 500 different variables for a sellable NFT made out of your pet. 

Game economy circles around three main activities — farming, lending, and upgrade spiral. The first two function in the same way — pets owned by the player must fight with enemies to increase their level. The third activity is for end-game enthusiasts, who want to beat the whole quest line of the game. 

The in-game currency is bound to SLP and AXS tokens, both serve major roles in the game’s economy. Currently, dApp client of the game works on the Ronin network, meaning it does not rely on Ethereum or Solana blockchains.

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