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Introduction to Catizen AI

What’s Catizen AI All About?

Catizen AI is a Telegram game bot that’s got young crypto fans buzzing. It’s a Play 2 Earn game where you can score $CATS tokens by diving into fun activities. The closed beta wrapped up with a whopping 260,000 players, and the open beta kicks off on March 19, 2024.

In Catizen AI, you can earn $CATS tokens by breeding cats, catching fish for coins, and completing quests to snag free Fish tokens. The game’s got some heavy-hitting partners backing it, like TON, Web3 Ventures, Mask Network, Y2Z, SecondLive, EMURGO Ventures, Moon Capital, and Initiate Capital.

Breeding Cats$CATS Tokens
Catching FishCoins
Completing QuestsFree Fish Tokens

Catizen AI has a cool autoclicker feature for 3900 Fish, letting you automate breeding kittens and collecting boosts while you chill. Plus, there are leagues like Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond, based on how many tokens you’ve mined.

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Earning Opportunities in Catizen AI

Catizen AI is a playground for young crypto fans to earn and have fun. You can mine $CATS tokens, fish for coins, and complete quests for cool rewards.

Mining $CATS Tokens

Mining $CATS tokens is a big deal in the Catizen Telegram Game Bot. You get to mine these tokens by breeding cats and using boosts to speed things up. The more cats you have, the faster you can mine those $CATS tokens.

ActivityTokens Earned
Breeding CatsDepends on how many cats you have
Using BoostsSpeeds up mining

Fishing for Coins

Fishing for coins is another fun way to earn in Catizen AI. You catch fish, which turn into coins. These coins can be used to buy more tokens or other goodies in the game.

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ActivityCoins Earned
FishingDepends on the fish you catch

Completing Quests for Rewards

Quests are a great way to earn rewards like free Fish tokens. These quests not only give you more ways to earn but also make the game more exciting.

ActivityRewards Earned
Completing QuestsFree Fish tokens

Catizen AI has lots of features to make earning fun, like boosts to speed up mining, a shop to buy tokens, and a fishing section for extra rewards. You can also join squads for future rewards and compete in leagues based on how many tokens you mine.

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Features of Catizen AI

The Catizen Telegram game bot is packed with cool features to keep young crypto fans hooked. These features make the play-to-earn experience more fun and give players lots of ways to boost their earnings.

Speedy Mining with Boosts

In Catizen AI, you can mine $CATS tokens by breeding cats, catching fish, and completing quests. One of the best ways to speed up your mining is by using boosts. These boosts can make your mining super fast, helping you rack up tokens in no time.

You can grab these boosts from the in-game shop. They help level up your miner, making the whole process quicker. This is perfect for players who want to see their earnings grow fast.

Team Up with Squads

Catizen AI also lets you join squads. These are groups of players who work together to hit common goals. Being in a squad means you can get future rewards and use group strategies to your advantage.

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Squads make the game more social and fun. You get to work with others, share tips, and improve your game together.

Climb the Leagues for Rewards

Catizen AI has a league system that ranks players based on how many tokens they’ve mined. You start in the Bronze league and can move up to Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.

League LevelTokens Mined
Bronze0 – 1,000
Silver1,001 – 5,000
Gold5,001 – 10,000
Platinum10,001 – 20,000

Moving up the leagues isn’t just for bragging rights. Each new level comes with rewards and bonuses. This competitive edge pushes players to mine more tokens and climb higher in the ranks.

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Catizen AI offers a fun and rewarding experience for players. Whether you’re using boosts, teaming up in squads, or climbing the league ladder, there’s always something exciting to do. Dive into the world of crypto gaming and start earning with Catizen AI!