Chiliz (CHZ)

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The native token of the sport-oriented Chiliz blockchain, operated by Malta-based FInTech company. The functionality of the chain provided by the Socios platform allows for running a staking-based governance system. 

The platform allows users to make their own fan tokens, based on popular moments from sports competitions. This is done so that sports clubs, teams, and associations can use the blockchain to unlock new revenue streams and connect closer to their audience. A major obstacle in this field is the gap between passive and active fans, to solve this Chiliz established partnerships with the biggest sports names: Barcelona, Manchester, Juventus, UFC, and gaming associations. 

Holders of CHZ tokens get access to their share of stakes in the chosen club. In some way, this functions the same as if sports clubs released their shares in the stock & bond trading market. Founded by Alexandre Dreyfus, 20 years of experience in digital space, developer of Webcity, Winamaz, and Chilipoker. Aims to make «fan-tokes» a new standard in the sports marketing industry.

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