Cosmos Hub To Initiate Rho Network Upgrade Today

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Cosmos Hub is set to undergo its Rho upgrade today, which will be executed at block height 14099412. The update will add a global fee module which will improve the security of the Cosmos Network.

The upgrade will be the last major upgrade before the eagerly anticipated Replicated Security release.

Rho Upgrade Set For Launch

The Cosmos Hub, the main chain of the Cosmos ecosystem, is all set for the Rho network upgrade, scheduled for mainnet launch on Thursday, the 16th of February, 2023. The upgrade will be executed at block height 14099412 and is the last major upgrade on the network before the release of the highly anticipated Replicated Security. The upgrade will begin laying the groundwork for the upcoming Interchain Security system, set to be released in the first quarter of 2023.

However, the Hub team has cautioned users that they could face some downtime during the execution of the upgrade.

What Is The Rho Upgrade?

The road to Rho has been a long one. Over the course of its development, the future set for Rho had seen continuous change. The Rho upgrade was initially intended to ship with Cosmos SDK v0.46, along with improvements in Groups and Governance. However, thanks to several contributing factors, it was decided that the upgrade would ship with the Cosmos SDK 0.45 release line. Furthermore, a number of features from the Cosmos SDK v0.46 release line will show up in future Cosmos Hub releases.

The current Rho upgrade consists of several minor improvements, along with an extensive update to testing infrastructure. It also includes the addition of a new Global Fee module, which TGrade has developed. This Global Fee software module will enable the collection of transaction fees from users around the globe. According to a statement by Cosmos, the aim of the upgrade is to improve the overall security of the Cosmos Network by reducing the likelihood of validators colluding with each other or misbehaving.

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The successful implementation of the Rho upgrade will clear the path for Replicated Security, which will see the addition of a host of consumer chains into the Cosmos ecosystem. Users looking for more information and wishing to get up to speed with the upgrade process can do so through the Cosmos GitHub page.

The Cosmos Ecosystem

The Cosmos ecosystem consists of over 200 blockchains where developers can build and deploy application-specific chains. The Cosmos Network relies on several core technologies and frameworks, such as Tendermint Consensus and the Cosmos Software Development Kit. Through these technologies and frameworks, it is able to create individual chains such as Kava, Injective, Osmosis, Thorchain, Evmos, and Canto. Furthermore, the chains are connected with one another through the Cosmos Hub and the Inter Blockchain Communication (IBC) communication protocol.

Interchain Security

As mentioned earlier, the Rho upgrade creates the groundwork for the Interchain Security update, which is slated for release during the first quarter of 2023. The update will enable individual chains in the Cosmos ecosystem to secure themselves using the same security validators that help run the Cosmos Hub, which acts as a hub for other blockchain networks in the ecosystem and enables interoperability and cross-chain communication.

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