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Telegram Play 2 Earn Basics

Alright, let’s break down how you can start raking in those HotCoin ($HOT) tokens using the Telegram Bot Mining program. If you’re into crypto and want to make some easy money, this is for you. We’ll cover how to earn $HOT tokens and give you a quick rundown of the mining process.

Earning $HOT Tokens

So, how do you get your hands on these $HOT tokens? It’s pretty simple. The HotCoin ($HOT) Telegram Bot Mining program, powered by Near Protocol, lets you earn $5 for every $HOT token you mine. And guess what? You can start claiming $HOT tokens every 2 hours. Easy peasy.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Create a Near Wallet: Use the ‘Near Wallet’ bot on Telegram.
  2. Save Your Backup Phrase: Don’t lose this; it’s crucial.
  3. Start Mining: Click on ‘Claim’ in the main menu to begin.

Want to earn more? Complete extra tasks like joining a Telegram channel or subscribing to a YouTube channel. These tasks not only help you mine more tokens but also keep you engaged with the community.

Mining Process Overview

Mining $HOT tokens on Telegram is as easy as pie and doesn’t require any initial gas fees. Here’s a step-by-step guide to get you started:

  1. Create Near Wallet: Add the ‘Near Wallet’ bot on Telegram and follow the instructions to set up your wallet. Keep your backup phrase safe.
  2. Claim Tokens: Once your wallet is ready, hit ‘Claim’ in the bot’s main menu to start mining. You can claim $HOT tokens every 2 hours.
  3. Free Transactions: Initially, you won’t need to spend any gas. Free transactions are made possible through NEAR’s bounty.
  4. Boost Your Earnings: Do tasks like joining a Telegram channel or subscribing to a YouTube channel to get more free transactions and increase your earnings.
Create Near WalletStart mining $HOT tokens
Claim every 2 hoursRegular earnings
Connect to Telegram channelMore free transactions
Subscribe to YouTube channelIncreased earnings

Follow these steps, and you’ll be mining $HOT tokens like a pro in no time. Happy mining!

Token Collection Intervals

Here’s how often you can collect $HOT tokens:

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Time IntervalActionReward
Every 2 hoursClaim $HOT tokensVaries

For more info on other Telegram crypto bots, check out the Blum crypto telegram bot and Catizen telegram game bot.

By following these steps, you can easily set up the Near Wallet Bot and start mining $HOT tokens, taking advantage of the Near Protocol and supported exchanges like HTX, OKX, and Binance.

Mining Strategies and Options

Want to mine HOT tokens using the hot on near telegram bot? Let’s break down the different ways you can snag those tokens and how you can handle commission payments without breaking a sweat.

Token Acquisition Options

When you first dive into mining HOT tokens, you get three freebies—no commission fees, nada. After that, you’ve got a few ways to keep the tokens rolling in:

  1. Social Tasks: Earn extra free transactions by doing simple social tasks. Think connecting to a Telegram channel or subscribing to a YouTube channel. Easy peasy, right? This way, you can stack up more NEAR for free transactions.
  2. NEAR Token Payments: Pay commissions with NEAR tokens. It’s dirt cheap, averaging around $0.005 per transaction. A no-brainer for most folks.
  3. HOT Token Payments: You can also pay with HOT tokens, but heads up—this is the priciest option. Use it if you’ve got HOT tokens to burn.
Token Acquisition MethodCostDescription
Social TasksFreeComplete social tasks for extra free transactions
NEAR Token Payments~$0.005 per transactionPay commissions with NEAR tokens
HOT Token PaymentsHigher costPay commissions with HOT tokens

Commission Payment Choices

Once you’ve used up your free transactions, you need to pick how you’ll pay those commissions. Here’s the lowdown:

  1. Social Task Completion: Knock out some social tasks to earn more free transactions. Perfect if you’re not keen on spending tokens or if you’re a social media butterfly.
  2. NEAR Token Payments: Straightforward and cheap. At about $0.005 per transaction, it’s the go-to for most users.
  3. HOT Token Payments: This one’s for the big spenders. Paying with HOT tokens is more expensive, so only go this route if you’ve got plenty of HOT tokens lying around.
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For more details, check out sections on blum crypto telegram bot and catizen telegram game bot.

Knowing these strategies helps you make smart moves to maximize your earnings and keep costs low. By picking the right acquisition methods and commission payment options, you can mine HOT tokens efficiently and get the most out of the Telegram Play 2 Earn scene.

Advanced Mining Features

The Hot on Near Telegram bot is packed with cool features to boost your mining game and fatten your wallet. Let’s break it down.

Token Storage Levels

Think of token storage levels as your digital piggy bank. The more you level up, the more HOT tokens you can stash. There are six levels, each letting you hoard more tokens.

Storage LevelToken Capacity
Level 1100 HOT
Level 2500 HOT
Level 31,000 HOT
Level 45,000 HOT
Level 510,000 HOT
Level 650,000 HOT

You can level up your storage by completing tasks and missions in the bot. This means you can keep more tokens without constantly moving them to another wallet. Less hassle, more tokens!

Speed Improvement Levels

Want to mine faster? Speed improvement levels are your ticket. There are five levels, each making your mining quicker.

Speed LevelMining Speed Increase
Level 110%
Level 225%
Level 350%
Level 475%
Level 5100%

Upgrade your speed by diving into in-bot activities like social tasks or missions. The faster you mine, the more tokens you grab in less time. Simple math, right?

Mission Multipliers

Mission multipliers are like turbo boosts for your rewards. They crank up the goodies you get from completing missions.

Multiplier LevelReward Increase
Level 11.5x
Level 22x
Level 33x

To get these juicy multipliers, you might need to join Telegram channels or subscribe to YouTube channels. The more you engage, the bigger the rewards.

These features give you plenty of ways to up your earnings and make mining more fun. By leveling up your storage, speed, and multipliers, you can rake in more HOT tokens and get the most out of the Hot on Near Telegram bot.

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Boost Your Earnings

Want to make the most out of the Hot on Near Telegram bot? Let’s talk about two killer ways to fatten your wallet: referrals and village management.

Referral System Perks

Referrals are your ticket to easy money. Here’s the lowdown:

  • Cashback: Get 20% of what your referrals earn.
  • Extra Earnings: Snag an additional 5% of their production.

This setup is simple and keeps things fair—no giant pyramid schemes here. Just straightforward, sustainable earnings.

Referral LevelCashbackExtra Earnings
Level 120%5%

So, get your friends on board and watch your earnings grow without lifting a finger. Curious about other referral systems? Check out our piece on the Catizen Telegram game bot.

Village Creation and Management

Villages are where the real fun—and money—is. Here’s how you can cash in:

  • Solo Village: Create a one-person village and pocket a 5% bonus on mining.
  • Group Village: Team up with others to pool income and buy upgrades that benefit everyone.
Village TypeIncome CollectionBenefits
Solo Village5%5% mining bonus
Group Village5%Shared income and upgrades

Running a village well can seriously up your earnings. Plus, working with others makes the game more enjoyable. Want to know more? Dive into our article on village improvements and benefits.

By tapping into these features, you can maximize your earnings while having a blast with the Hot on Near Telegram bot.

Community Collaboration

Joining Villages

Jumping into villages with the hot on near Telegram bot is like finding a hidden treasure chest. You can either start your own village or hop into one that’s already buzzing. Each village skims 5% off the top of all income generated by its members and stashes it in a communal pot. This pot can then be split among the villagers or spent on cool upgrades from the shop.

If you’re a lone wolf looking to rake in more dough, creating a one-person village is a sweet hack. You get a 5% bonus to your mining income without having to share the spoils. It’s like getting free money for doing what you were already doing.

Village Upgrades and Perks

Village upgrades are where the magic happens. The cash collected in the village pot can be used to buy all sorts of goodies that make mining faster and more efficient. Think of it as leveling up your game. These upgrades can range from speed boosts to tools that make mining a breeze, cranking up the village’s overall productivity.

Pooling resources with your village buddies means you can achieve way more than you could solo. It’s all about teamwork and shared wins, making the mining grind a lot more fun and rewarding. If you’re curious about more advanced mining tricks and tips, check out our guide on the catizen telegram game bot.

Village FeatureBenefit
Income Collection5% of all participants’ income goes into the village pot
Fund DistributionOption to share the pot among villagers
Village UpgradesBuy enhancements to make mining more efficient

Joining a village and tapping into its collective perks can seriously amp up your mining game and earnings with the hot on near Telegram bot.