KuCoin’s Twitter Account Hacked!

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KuCoin’s Twitter account hacked; Binance integrates ChatGPT into Web3 Academy; Total locked ETH peaks after Ethereum’s Shapella update

Crypto exchange KuCoin’s Twitter account was hacked for 45 minutes today, causing various losses for multiple users.

After regaining access to its Twitter account, the exchange said that:

“KuCoin will fully reimburse all verified asset losses caused by social media breach and fraudulent activity.”

The exchange detected 22 transactions that interacted with fake tweets. This resulted in a total loss of approximately 22,638 USDT. KuCoin said the following on the subject:

  “We are currently investigating and blocking suspicious addresses to prevent further user harm”

KuCoin said that although its Twitter account was hacked, its assets on the exchange are safe. KuCoin also said that it is “conducting a thorough investigation into the incident with Twitter to prevent similar incidents in the future.”

In other news related to KuCoin, New York State Attorney General Letitia James sued the exchange last month, claiming that the exchange was “an unregistered broker or seller of commodities and securities.”

James argues Thursday that the crypto exchange “offers, sells, buys, and transacts cryptocurrencies, which are commodities and securities, without registration, as a commodities and securities broker or dealer in New York.”

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Binance integrates ChatGPT into Web3 Academy

Artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT took the world by storm after its launch in late November 2022. Approaches to artificial intelligence technology and ChatGPT are divided into two.

While many technology giants continue to adopt and develop artificial intelligence technologies, other segments have the idea that this technology should be slowed down.

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced that it has integrated ChatGPT into its education platform Binance Academy. The company introduced its new artificial intelligence-supported tool called “Binance Sensei” in a blog post published on April 24.

The bot uses machine learning to get answers from Binance’s education platform, Binance Academy, to help answer user questions on various topics in the Web3 space.

With ChatGPT integrated into Binance Academy, the bot asks users specific questions or keywords. However, it is stated that Sensei offers a summary of approximately 150 words for each user.

With artificial intelligence making a name for itself recently, many technology companies have started to benefit from this technology. Big tech giants like Microsoft, Google, and e-commerce giant Alibaba recently announced their versions of artificial intelligence.

Although the AI race has led to the technology’s adoption, it has also raised concerns about its capabilities if left unchecked. While Italy imposed a short-term ban on the use of this technology, regulators across the European Union decided to examine the artificial intelligence algorithms of large technology companies.

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Total locked ETH peaks after Ethereum’s Shapella update

On April 12, Ethereum performed a major upgrade known as the Shanghai upgrade or Shapella. This upgrade brought a big change in the mechanics of the platform after the transition to proof-of-stake (merge). The upgrade included several Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) focused specifically on withdrawing staked ETHs.

Data from blockchain data and research platform Nansen shows that total locked ETH has reached an all-time high since Shapella. According to the latest data, 18,879,775 ETH is locked.

Locked ETH stands for uncirculated ETH. These include ETH deposited on the beacon chain, ETH deposited on the beacon contract but not yet verified, as well as rewards on the beacon contract.

The Nansen blockchain data platform also shared additional information revealing that 894,671 ETH is waiting for the exit. According to the data, 27,809 validators are also waiting to debut.

The analysis platform also underlined that there may be a potential negative wave when withdrawals are made in the coming days.

KuCoin's Twitter account hacked; Binance integrates ChatGPT into Web3 Academy; Total locked ETH peaks after Ethereum's Shapella update