Logan Paul Under Fire for CryptoZoo Scam

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Logan Paul’s NFT game ‘CryptoZoo’ is currently embroiled in controversy following a three-part series by investigative YouTuber, Coffeezilla (real name Stephen Findeisen).

Since 17 December, Findeisen has uploaded a three-part series on Logan Paul’s scam blockchain game, CryptoZoo. The series dismantles the controversial NFT game and spotlights the many investors who have lost millions in the apparently defunct project. 

The video series currently has a combined view count of 13.2 million. 

This is not Coffeezilla’s first investigation into crypto scams. Stephen Findeisen is an online sleuth and YouTuber who specializes in uncovering scams and fraudsters. Over the past few years, he has been focusing on uncovering scams in the blockchain and NFT space. His channel description has a nugget of wisdom that summarizes his general ethos. “If you have to ask… it’s probably too good to be true.” At the time of writing, his channel has over 2.1 million subscribers. 

His work has earned him a profile in the prestigious New Yorker magazine, which painted him as something of an unsung hero poking around in the darker side of crypto and NFTs. A video series on the Save the Kids token is widely recognized as his transition to a more serious, investigative style of content. Videos by Findeisen spread the word about the pump-and-dump scheme, ultimately dooming it.

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