NFT Lending Protocol ParaSpace Announces Upcoming Critical Upgrade 2.0

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ParaSpace 2.0 will pave the way for the future of lending with the following:

  1. Brand New Features: Allowing anyone to access universal liquidity for their assets.
  2. Decentralization: Creating the next generation of lending with the community.

Version 2.0 will mark a new generation of lenders, with new features being rolled out. At its core, this upgrade will empower the web3 community through a simple yet powerful platform.

2.0 marks a new generation of lending, with new features already under way.

At its core, this upgrade will empower the web3 community through a simple yet powerful platform.

We are excited to share more as ParaSpace 2.0 is rolled out.

— ParaSpace (@ParaSpace_NFT) July 13, 2023

ParaSpace is a Lending Protocol platform allowing users to borrow and lend against NFTs and tokens. NFT prices are provided by NFT Price Oracle and are based on the floor price of the NFT collection from OpenSea and LarvaLabs (for CryptoPunks).

Main objects of operation on the ParaSpace platform:

  • Borrower (Borrower): Deposit NFT on the platform as collateral to borrow a corresponding amount and receive nToken (NFT standard ERC 721) representing the mortgaged NFT. In addition, Borrower can also use other collateral assets such as tokens and LP tokens on Uniswap V3, vToken (mint on NFTX), Aave’s aTokens, and Compound’s cTokens.
  • Lender (Lender): Send assets (tokens) to the platform to receive interest.

However, recently, the team that developed this NFT lending protocol had an internal dispute when it asked CEO Yubo Ruan to resign, accusing Yubo Ruan of misappropriating the 2,909 ETH recovered from the March hack.

In the opposite direction, Ruan confirmed that the above article was fabricated. He alleged that two former advisors, Thomas Schmidt, and Jay Yao, now the current COO and CBO, are illegally gaining control of the protocol’s multisig and Twitter accounts. Ruan asserted that after receiving the funds from BlockSec, “myself, Thomas, Jay, and other important parties” planned the refinancing in phases.

Contributors at @ParaSpace_NFT ,

I write to make you aware of a pressing matter concerning our company. Two former consultants, Thomas Schmidt, and Jay Yao, have illegally obtained control of one of the protocol’s multisig and social media accounts. They did so by contacting key…

— Yubo Ruan (@yuboruan) May 10, 2023

ParaSpace was hacked on the afternoon of March 17, 2023, but was able to stop the hack in time. At that time, BlockSec helped ParaSpace recover 2,900 ETH ($5 million) right before the risk of losing everything. On-chain inspection, the project found that about 50% of the funds remained unreimbursed, causing a hole in the protocol treasury. From there, internal disputes broke out.

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