Playboy’s MetaMansion To Launch In 2023

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Lifestyle magazine Playboy’s metaverse initiative, dubbed the MetaMansion, has been scheduled to launch later this year. 

2023 The Year For MetaMansion

In 2022, the men’s entertainment magazine announced its foray into the metaverse. Recently, the company’s Web3 lead, Liz Suman, revealed that the MetaMansion project would be going live in 2023. However, other than confirming the year, Suman did not specify the launch date or a tentative timeline for the Web3 project.

She also revealed that the virtual world would not be limited to the magazine’s Rabbitar NFT holders; instead, the company will be looking into bringing the metaverse experience to an audience beyond the Rabbitar customer base. 

She said, 

“It’s been the plan all along for the Rabbitars to be the VIPs of the MetaMansion experience…That is still very much the case, while also opening it up in this way that’s integrating The Sandbox’s community, maybe onboarding other people who are interested in web3 […] and making a space that is a place for everyone.”

Playboy’s Web3 Moves

The Playboy company has been making moves into the Web3 space since 2021. Its first foray into this space was an NFT collection featuring key photography and artwork from its decades of archives. The company followed this up with the Rabbitar project in 2022. These digital collectibles featured an original 3D rabbit character in different avatars. The total number of NFTs dropped in this collection amounted to 11,953, with a total trading volume of 2,779 ETH or $4.5 million. 

Talking about its Web3 projects, and the growing interest among media companies in the metaverse, Suman said, 

“A lot of things are changing and evolving in real-time, and I think it’s too soon to have a verdict. There’s a real opportunity for storytelling that is not traditional. To me, that’s what’s interesting.”

MetaMansion Not Exclusive To Rabbitar Holders

However, as Suman claimed in her recent comments, the company is prioritizing its MetaMansion project for now, which was announced back in July 2022. The company has teamed up with the virtual world, The Sandbox, to bring the Playboy experience to the metaverse. An initial teaser video revealed that the MetaMansion design was inspired by the actual Playboy Mansion based in LA, with many voxelated playmates welcoming the player into the virtual world.

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From her comments, it is clear that although access to the MetaMansion would not be exclusive to Rabbitar holders, visitors would not be able to access the “cool parts” without these digital collectibles. 

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