Samson Mow to Investors: Ignore Jim Cramer’s Advice

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Bitcoin maxi Samson Mow told investors to ignore Jim Cramer investors’ advice this week to consider the June jobs report as the only market-moving data.

Cramer said US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s visit to China may not move markets as aggressively as some think. Neither will the OPEC international seminar, which concluded in Austria yesterday.

Investors Don’t Listen to Jim Cramer’s Advice, Samson Mow Says

According to the Mad Money host, Yellen’s talks are unlikely to have be of major consequence, while OPEC’s talks are unlikely to have much effect while Russia is fighting Ukraine.

Cramer said yesterday,

“So much of what passes for wisdom on Wall Street is totally meaningless.”

He added that the only voice worth listening to was that of Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell. Powell said that a cooling economy would eventually result in fewer jobs in June.

However, Samson Mow of Bitcoin firm Jan3 said to ignore Cramer’s advice. He pointed out Cramer’s advice to exit the market when Bitcoin reached $17,000 in January in light of Bitcoin’s 78% rally to date. This year, the asset has outperformed several stock market favorites, including gold, the S&P 500, and the Nikkei 225 index.

Samson Mow dismissed Jim Cramer's advice which previously contradicted how Bitcoin outperformed gold this year.Number of Ounces it Takes to Buy Bitcoin Rose Since January | Source: Longtermtrends

In March, Cramer cautioned investors in March that Bitcoin was a “strange animal” and subject to manipulation.

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Mow also said he doesn’t believe many people invest based on advice from Cramer and skeptics like Black Swan author Nicholas Taleb. Rather, they use bearish opinions to develop a balanced view of crypto. Taleb previously said that Bitcoin was unsuitable for payments, financial products, or illicit transactions.

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The June US Nonfarm payrolls report will be released at 8:30 p.m. ET later today.

Bitcoin Bull Mow Predicts Bitcoin’s Influence in Politics Will Grow

Mow praised presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s support for Bitcoin. He predicts that Bitcoin will still be a “key issue” in politics and will grow in importance in election campaigns.

Kennedy criticizes the Federal Reserve’s FedNow system for inter-bank settlements. He previously argued that FedNow sets the stage for the Fed to roll out a central bank digital currency that will erode personal freedom.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently filed a bill to prevent residents from being forced to use a national CBDC.

Yesterday, the New York Fed confirmed successful tests of a wholesale settlement service for banks. However, the state bank said this won’t automatically result in a national CBDC.

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