Sodexo BRS selects Internet Computer for NFT Debut

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To revamp its global image, Sodexo BRS (Sodexo Benefits & Rewards Services), a popular French technology company specializing in staff benefits and engagement, has revealed its new brand name, Pluxee, in 31 countries. Alongside this rebranding effort, Pluxee has ventured into non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to enhance employee engagement and foster a vibrant company culture. Teaming up with the DFINITY Foundation, a key contributor to the Internet Computer Protocol, and Yumi, a prominent digital marketplace for NFTs on the ICP, Pluxee has launched an exclusive NFT collection dedicated to its 5000+ employees.

This strategic decision shows Pluxee’s dedication to blockchain technology and a novel use case for NFTs in business activities to shape the company’s culture.

The primary goal of Pluxee was to align its employees with the new brand’s core values of digital proficiency and enable each team member to create their first NFT. To accomplish this on a large scale, Pluxee sought a blockchain solution that could provide a web2-like user experience while leveraging the inherent security benefits of blockchains. Due to the importance of quickness and effectiveness, the Internet Computer was unanimously chosen.

The X-Collection, Pluxee’s exclusive NFT series, unveiled during the rebranding announcement event in Paris. At the occasion, each employee could scan a QR code and mint a one-of-a-kind NFT from a collection of 5,000. Reputable NFT artist Candace Marquette used AI tools to design the collection, which reflects the diverse and vivacious culture of Pluxee’s workforce.

Employees were encouraged to interact, trade, and connect through the shared experience of the X-Collection. This initiative fostered conversations, strengthened relationships, and formed a dynamic community within the organization, all while harnessing the transformative potential of NFTs. Pluxee employees have proudly begun using X-Collection NFTs as their profile pictures. Additionally, to incentivize more employees to mint their NFTs, each mint was linked to a donation to the Stop Hunger Foundation, a cause deeply embedded in Sodexo’s values. This NFT launch served as an opportunity to reinforce this message.

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The X-Collection is fully hosted on the Internet Computer blockchain, a decentralized, general-purpose blockchain that caters to large-scale enterprise solutions. Its selection was driven by several key factors, including zero gas fees and providing a seamless user experience for employees new to Web3. The on-chain storage of all NFT assets ensures immutability and security, while the Internet Computer blockchain’s energy efficiency and sustainability align with Pluxee’s values. Furthermore, the blockchain has maintained zero downtime since its mainnet launch, and it offers reduced costs associated with hosting, infrastructure maintenance, and cybersecurity.

Pluxee’s Global VP of Multi-benefits & Gift, Suvodeep Das, stressed Pluxee’s digital-first approach and commitment to blockchain and NFTs. Yumi helped employees access this new technology easily, giving a great employee experience with minimum environmental impact and staying true to the Pluxee brand. Yumi’s Marketplace’s NFT as a Service (NFTaaS) platform, which empowers artists and fosters meaningful connections, was key to this cooperation.

Melissa Song, Head of Growth at Yumi NFT Marketplace, expressed her privilege to work with Pluxee for their debut NFT collection launch. She emphasized Yumi’s mission to empower artists and provide a platform for meaningful connections. Through this partnership, Pluxee aims to strengthen its relationships with employees by harnessing the power of NFTs and blockchain technology.

Pluxee’s entry into the NFT arena is exciting since it helps them engage employees and introduce potential clients to the Internet Computer’s commercial possibilities. This cloud platform can manage supply chains, securely share data, provide self-owning services, and offer tokenized programs like Pluxee’s.


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