What is Blockchain Wallet, and How Does it Work?

A Blockchain Wallet uses dynamic fees for each transaction. These fees vary according to the transaction's size and the network's conditions. These fees are...

Why Do Crypto Rug Pulls Happen in DeFi?

Crypto rug pulls are a fairly common phenomenon in DeFi. But what are they, and why do they happen? Let's look at some of...

The ERC20 Token Standard

ERC20 is an acronym for the Ethereum-based Token Registration and Control Protocol. It's an Internet standard that defines sending and receiving messages between servers...

What Crypto Market Cap Means For Investors

Regarding cryptocurrency, market capitalization is a significant factor to consider. This measure allows investors to look at the whole picture in a macro sense....

5 Ways Cryptocurrency is Making the World a Good Place

Cryptocurrency is a type of digital money that runs on decentralized networks known as blockchains.

Google Cloud Will Support Polygon Blockchain!

Google Cloud will support Polygon blockchain; announced to partner with Samsung; Google Ads data: $4M stolen through crypto phishing URLs

Bitsgap vs Shrimpy: Which One Is The Bot For You?

Virtual currency trading systems are tools that can allow an individual to simplify the process of making an investment. In most cases, a good...

UK Banks Are Rejecting Crypto Companies

Why are UK Banks rejecting crypto companies?

Crypto’s Impact on Online Gambling: More Opportunities to Win Big

Everything about the Crypto's Impact on Online Gambling: More Opportunities to Win Big!

The Risks of Gambling with Crypto: What You Need to Know

Everything about the risks of gambling with crypto!

Euler Finance hacker returned more than 58,000 stolen Ether!

Sony wants to use NFT technology in their games; Euler Finance hacker returned more than 58,000 stolen Ether; Venezuela shuts down crypto facilities and exchanges amid corruption investigation.

Terra founder Do Kwon was caught in Montenegro

Terra founder Do Kwon caught in Montenegro; Arbitrum daily transaction count reaches record high; Telegram announces it will support USDT stablecoin payments on Tron network.

SEC sues TRON founder Justin Sun!

SEC sues Tron founder Justin Sun; Coinbase announced that it received a warning from the SEC; FTX will reclaim $404M transferred to Modulo.

Silvergate Bank Announces It Will Cease Operations

The Grayscale CEO said the ETF decision could be approved in the third quarter; Silvergate Bank announces it will cease operations; Alameda Research, sued Voyager last January for a $445 million loan repayment.

Mastercard Announces Bitcoin Card in US and UK

Mastercard announces Bitcoin card in the US and UK; Yuga Labs' Bitcoin NFT auction raises $16.5 million; Digital yuan now available in WeChat.

Ukraine Suspends Use of Hryvnia on Crypto Exchanges

PancakeSwap's V3 upgrade will go live in April; Ukraine suspends the use of hryvnia on crypto exchanges; Snoop Dogg co-founded the Web3 powered application called Shiller.