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Euler Finance hacker returned more than 58,000 stolen Ether!

Sony wants to use NFT technology in their games; Euler Finance hacker returned more than 58,000 stolen Ether; Venezuela shuts down crypto facilities and exchanges amid corruption investigation.

Terra founder Do Kwon was caught in Montenegro

Terra founder Do Kwon caught in Montenegro; Arbitrum daily transaction count reaches record high; Telegram announces it will support USDT stablecoin payments on Tron network.

SEC sues TRON founder Justin Sun!

SEC sues Tron founder Justin Sun; Coinbase announced that it received a warning from the SEC; FTX will reclaim $404M transferred to Modulo.

Ripple Could Win SEC Case – XRP Price is Up 20% 

Ripple can win court case SEC. This is why XRP price is up 20%; SEC sent a subpoena to Sushi; Coinbase collaborates with the Brazilian central bank