UniSat Will Launch NFT Marketplace Next Week With Fees Under 1%

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To celebrate the launch of collection trading, we’re reducing the entire market’s service fee from 1.6% to a lower 0.x%. UniSat Marketplace offers the lowest fees compared to existing platforms, often incurring a total fee of 2-3%.

UniSat Marketplace for NFT Collections is set to launch next week.🔥

It supports all existing 1500+ collections automatically, by utilizing information stored in the given GitHub repository (with gratitude to ordinals-wallet).https://t.co/DYXbcTioU3

— UniSat Wallet – Store, Inscribe and Search. (@unisat_wallet) July 9, 2023

In addition, the UniSat collection mentioned earlier this week will be made public in the coming days with beautiful recursivePlay images and UniSat Badge, exclusive to wallet supporters. Specific information will be shared in upcoming announcements.

UniSat Wallet is the first BRC-20 token-enabled wallet on the Bitcoin network. It is a decentralized application that allows you to create a Bitcoin wallet that can be used to interact with the Ordinals protocol.

The success of this project greatly depends on the fate of the orders themselves. There is a fervent debate happening right now about how memecoins are slowing down transaction speeds on the already unhurried BTC blockchain. Moreover, their popularity has caused transaction fees to skyrocket.

In May, several explosive trends emerged regarding BRC-20 tokens created on the Bitcoin network. However, it didn’t last long. Whether or not to invest in BRC-20 tokens will depend on one’s risk appetite. In fact, as we have seen, when FOMO increased, many people saw huge profits from these tokens.

UniSat Wallet, which officially went into operation on April 23, is the earliest BRC-20 supported wallet. However, just a day later, on April 24, Twitter UniSat Wallet announced that the wallet had been attacked by double-spending, making the wallet unusable for many hours. The project hopes users can understand because BRC-20 technology is still very new.

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