Walken Celebrates Two Million User Registrations In Four Months

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The team also plans to launch more features and updates in the coming month. 

Walken, one of the first Web 3 move-to-earn games, topped 2 million registered players earlier this week, the Walken team, reported on Thursday. The recent milestone in registered users shows the tremendous interest in global users exploring the era of blockchain gaming and decentralization. The recent milestone is a cause for celebration but the Walken team states they will “continue to build, regardless of the current [bearish] crypto market conditions”, promising users new features and events in the coming months. 

Blockchain gaming remains an attractive avenue for many crypto users albeit the tanking crypto market and extended agony for crypto firms in the ecosystem. Walken’s recent milestone reach shows interest in its Web 3 gaming ecosystem continues to accelerate thanks to sustainable tokenomics and addictive gameplay. 

The platform, which has been in beta testing for the past five months, has noted substantial community growth. Walken celebrated its 1 million registered user milestone in August this year and has already welcomed another million players in just four months.  

The overall gameplay and incentives have been a key growth factor for Walken but the success is not solely attributed to these two factors. The platform boasts of a convenient user interface, its CAThlete character NFTs, and no barriers to entry, which allows everyone to access Walken.

The report states the milestone is only the first step to bringing Web 3 gaming to the world. The team aims to continue to build its platform with several new features and updates expected to be launched in the coming months. 

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First, Walken Earn will be launched allowing users to stake $WLKN tokens under fixed or flexible terms, to give the token wider utility and empower users on the platform. Second, Walken is introducing a CAThlete merge event that allows players to exchange 2 common CAThletes for 1 guaranteed “rarer” CAThlete NFT character. 

Also, the long-awaited Walken Runner, the first hyper-casual game of the ecosystem is in production. Finally, daily tasks will be introduced to contribute to a diversified and exciting experience with associated rewards. 

These added features aim to promote a better lifestyle for their players, allowing anyone to stay healthy and earn rewards while doing so. The team also plans to introduce “more features and events” in their roadmap including social features such as chats and tournaments in future. 

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