What is $Foxy Meme Coin: Linea Blockchain Mascot!

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Introduction to Foxy

What is $FOXY?

$FOXY is the first “culture coin” on the Linea blockchain, mixing the fun of a memecoin with the vibe of a community hangout. This combo is all about sparking culture within the Linea scene. Memecoins like $FOXY grab the attention of young crypto fans because they’re not just about the money—they’re about the community and the wild price swings. Curious about memecoins? Check out what are memecoins.

Linea Blockchain and $FOXY

Linea is an L2 network that’s all about Ethereum, backed by Consensys. Their goal? Making the decentralized web safe and easy for everyone. On Linea, decentralized apps (dApps) get everything they need to build, grow, and rock.

$FOXY lives only on the Linea blockchain. This makes it a special place where $FOXY can shine as both a cultural icon and a financial asset. Linea gives $FOXY the support it needs to grow and fit right into the ecosystem.

By getting the basics of $FOXY and how it fits into the Linea blockchain, crypto fans can see its potential in the market and community. This is key for anyone thinking about investing in or joining the $FOXY fun.

The Foxy Community

Airdrops and Community Fun

The Foxy community is buzzing with excitement, thanks to airdrops and fun activities that keep everyone engaged. $FOXY, the first “culture coin” on Linea, aims to create a unique vibe within its circle. Airdrops are a big part of this, rewarding active folks and pulling in new faces.

The Foxy team has some cool airdrops lined up, starting with the top 100,000 MetaMask swap users based on their swap count. These airdrops not only give users a reason to stick around but also bring in fresh blood to the community.

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To keep the party going, the Foxy crew is always chatting with users on social media, forums, and during community events. This constant interaction builds a loyal fan base and keeps everyone in the loop about what’s coming next.

Foxy: Linea’s Cheerleader

Foxy is more than just a cute face; it’s the heart and soul of the Linea blockchain. Every blockchain needs a hero, and Foxy steps up by showcasing the unique and cultural side of Linea.

As the mascot, Foxy is front and center in promotions, community events, and marketing. This helps build a strong brand for Linea, making it stand out and attract new users and investors.

Foxy also plays a big role in teaching. You’ll find Foxy in tutorials, guides, and other helpful content, making it easier for newbies to get the hang of the Linea ecosystem and $FOXY. This educational push ensures everyone knows how to get the most out of their time with the community.

By mixing airdrops with community fun and making Foxy the face of Linea, the blockchain keeps its users hooked and growing.

Price Surge and Exchange Listings

The wild ride of $FOXY has got everyone talking, thanks to some smart exchange listings and the buzz around memecoins. Let’s break down the big exchange announcements that have sent $FOXY’s price soaring.

KuCoin Listing Announcement

KuCoin, a major player in the crypto exchange scene, rolled out the red carpet for $FOXY. Trading kicked off on April 12 at 8:00 (UTC), with withdrawals starting the next day at 10:00. This was a big deal for $FOXY, opening the doors for more traders to jump in on the action.

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The news hit the market like a jolt of caffeine, pushing $FOXY’s price up by 40%. Investors were clearly pumped, and trading activity went through the roof.

KuCoin Listing AnnouncementApril 12, 202440% Price Increase

OKX Plans and Futures for FOXY

Not to be outdone, OKX announced they’re rolling out perpetual futures for $FOXY, along with margin trading and Simple Earn options. The futures trading starts on April 12, 2024, with margin trading and Simple Earn kicking in on April 15, 2024. This move by OKX is set to give $FOXY traders more ways to play the market.

These new features are expected to bring in more liquidity and give traders more flexibility. The Simple Earn option is a sweet deal for those looking to earn some passive income.

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OKX Perpetual FuturesApril 12, 2024More Trading Options
OKX Margin Trading & Simple EarnApril 15, 2024Attracts Diverse Investors

These exchange listings and the resulting price surge show just how hot $FOXY is becoming in the memecoin space.

Investor Insights

Whale Investor Activity

Whale investors are the big fish in the $FOXY token pond. Take, for example, a whale who splashed out 330 ETH to snag 117 million $FOXY tokens during its launch. That’s a cool $1.16 million at a rate of $0.009893 per token. Fast forward, and this whale is now swimming in a floating profit of $1.73 million. Not too shabby, right?.

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This whale’s behavior screams bullish vibes. They haven’t moved or sold a single token, showing they believe in $FOXY’s long-term growth. If you’re curious about how memecoins can shake up the market, check out our article on what are memecoins.

Total Investment (ETH)330
Number of $FOXY Tokens117 million
Initial Value (USD)$1.16 million
Purchase Cost per Token (USD)$0.009893
Floating Profit (USD)$1.73 million

Current Trading Status of FOXY

Keeping tabs on $FOXY’s trading status is key for both newbies and seasoned investors. The token has been on a wild ride, especially after getting listed on big-name exchanges. The buzz around its listing on KuCoin and the upcoming plans for OKX have pumped up trading volume and investor interest.


If you’re thinking about diving into similar investments, it’s smart to watch trading trends and market behaviors. $FOXY’s current trading status looks promising, so keep an eye on future updates.

By staying in the loop about whale moves and $FOXY’s trading status, young crypto enthusiasts can make smarter choices in the rollercoaster world of memecoins.

Market Performance of FOXY

Price Movement and Volume

$FOXY is on a roll! Recently, it was trading at $0.01881, marking a whopping 30% jump in just 24 hours. This spike is thanks to buzzing investor interest and some big listing news. The trading volume for the day also shot up, showing folks are really getting into this memecoin.

Current Price$0.01881
24-Hour Price Increase30%
24-Hour Trading Volume$224.66 million

Market Capitalization and Growth Trend

$FOXY’s market cap has seen a serious boost, hitting $56.54 million. This growth shows that more and more investors are getting behind $FOXY. As crypto fans keep flocking to this memecoin, its market cap just keeps climbing, signaling a strong upward trend.

Market Capitalization$56.54 million