XRPL Hits Massive NFT Milestone as XPUNKS Record 4M+ XRP Volume

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The XRP Ledger (XRPL) continues to make strides in the NFT scene, as NFT issuer XPUNKS finally hits 4 million XRP in secondary sales volume.

The XRP Ledger (XRPL) is taking the NFT industry by storm eight months after entering the scene. In its most recent stride, the ledger just witnessed a secondary sales volume of 4 million XRP for the XPUNKS issuer. This feat underscores an increasing level of adoption.

The official Twitter handle of XPUNKS first highlighted the milestone in a recent disclosure.

Huge milestone for us and the XRPL.

4,000,000 XRP in secondary trade volume.

We literally just started.

The future will be very exciting. pic.twitter.com/UXjzzZzbbP

— XPUNKS (@XRPLPUNKS) June 29, 2023

“4,000,000 XRP in secondary trade volume. We literally just started. The future will be very exciting,” the tweet reads, emphasizing that the recent feat is an impressive achievement for XPUNKS and the XRPL.

Data from the XRPL explorer Bithomp confirms the veracity of the claims. Notably, the XRP Ledger has witnessed a massive 16.4 million XRP in total secondary sales volume from all issuers across all marketplaces. Source Bithomp

Of this figure, XPUNKS has taken the largest share for any single issuer, amounting to 4.1 million XRP currently valued at $1.66 million. This represents 24.94% of the total cumulative NFT secondary sales volume on the XRPL.

XPUNKS Floor Price Soars 93%

In addition to the recent achievement, the XPUNKS collection witnessed a massive floor price increase. Crypto investor Shadi Alafenish called attention to this surge, pointing out that the XPUNKS floor price has increased from 699 XRP to 1,350 XRP.

$XRP got NFTs@XRPLPUNKS floor went from 699 $XRP to 1350 $XRP in just 5 days 🔥

Its simply in the pump mode with real utility mixed with strong delivering team 🔥🚀

Get in before it’s too late 😬

The next stop is 2000 $XRP floor 👀#NFTs #NFTCommunity #XRPCommunity #XRP pic.twitter.com/8QoCNMvM0o

— Shadi Alafenish.ADA (@ShadyAlafensh) June 29, 2023

This represents a 93% appreciation. According to the disclosure, this spike in floor price occurred in just five days. Market participants such as Alafenish expect this increase to spill further, resulting in a 2,000 XRP floor price in the foreseeable future.

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These bullish developments came shortly after Ragzyart, a prominent NFT artist, highlighted the XRPL’s outstanding features within the NFT scene. As disclosed by The Crypto Basic, Ragzyart lauded the ledger’s speed compared to other networks such as Ethereum and Polygon.

Moreover, the XRP Ledger is now among the top 10 NFT blockchains, having recorded over 1.4 million minted NFTs. Bithomp data further suggests that the network has observed the sale of over 337K NFTs across all currencies, valued at $21.4 million. thecryptobasic.com

Source: cryptodaily.co.uk