zkSync Launched New NFT Project, Airdrop To 10,000 Early NFT Users

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Developed in collaboration with Summon, this initiative is designed to push the boundaries of what is possible within the NFT space while leveraging the capabilities of zkSync.

The driving force behind LIBERTAS OMNIBUS is a collective mission to advance personal freedom for all individuals. By creating a dynamic and interactive environment, the project aims to foster engagement and collaboration within the broader NFT community. zkSync expresses gratitude to the 179,365 active community members who have actively participated in shaping the utilization of NFTs on the platform since its mainnet launch. As a token of appreciation, 10,000 randomly selected members from this group were rewarded with exclusive NFTs during the initial phase of the experiment.

At the heart of zkSync lies its innovative zero-knowledge rollup (ZK-rollup) technology. This advanced solution enables faster and more cost-effective transactions, all while maintaining the robust security and decentralization of the Ethereum network. Developed by Matter Labs, the project has continuously evolved to meet the growing needs of the Ethereum ecosystem. It first introduced zkSync 1.0 in June 2020, followed by the launch of the 2.0 in late 2022, with a full mainnet deployment planned for 2023.

zkSync’s rebranding to zkSync Era in February 2023 brought forth a renewed focus on its zkEVM technology. zkEVM is an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible ZK tech, enabling the implementation of zero-knowledge proof computations for scaling Ethereum smart contracts. With zkEVM, developers gain the flexibility to write ZK-compatible smart contracts using the widely adopted Solidity language while benefiting from the enhanced scalability and privacy offered by the project.

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As LIBERTAS OMNIBUS unfolds, it promises to unlock new possibilities for NFTs on zkSync, empowering creators, collectors, and enthusiasts alike. This experimental project not only serves as a testing ground for groundbreaking NFT innovations but also represents a significant step towards advancing personal freedom within the digital realm. Keep a close eye on LIBERTAS OMNIBUS as zkSync continues to redefine the boundaries of the NFT landscape.

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Source: cryptodaily.co.uk