zkSync’s NFT Airdrop: Expanding Access For 169,365 Users After EthCC Success

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The airdrop is initially targeted at the top 10,000 users among the 179,365 qualified community members. The remaining 169,365 users will have the opportunity to receive LIBERTAS OMNIBUS NFTs through a multi-stage process following EthCC.

In an official tweet on July 16, zkSync addressed concerns raised by the community regarding the randomness of the NFT airdrop. They explained that the airdrop was designed for the first 10,000 qualified community members and acknowledged that the selection process could be perceived as lacking randomness. To accommodate the remaining eligible users, a multi-stage distribution process will be implemented after EthCC.

Earlier, zkSync launched the LIBERTAS OMNIBUS experimental NFT project and airdropped it to 10,000 early NFT users on their mainnet. The project is a collaboration between zkSync developer Matter Labs and community project Summon. The announcement expressed gratitude to the 179,365 active community members who provided valuable guidance on NFT usage within 113 days of the mainnet launch.

During the initial phase of the experiment, a selection of “kindness” was shared with 10,000 randomly chosen anonymous users from the community, who received the NFTs as part of the airdrop.

zkSync’s LIBERTAS OMNIBUS NFT project aims to explore the potential of NFTs within their ecosystem. While the initial airdrop was limited to a specific number of users, the subsequent multi-stage distribution process will provide an opportunity for more community members to participate and receive the LIBERTAS OMNIBUS NFTs.

As the project progresses and additional details are unveiled during EthCC, zkSync continues to engage with the community and demonstrate their commitment to inclusivity and fair distribution practices.

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