Aptos (APT) has risen fivefold in the last 30 days

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Tesla releases its fourth quarter report – company still have Bitcoin; FTX’s creditor list has been announced; Aptos (APT) has risen fivefold in the last 30 days

Tesla releases its fourth quarter report – Company still have Bitcoin!

Electric vehicle company Tesla has released its fourth quarter report. According to the statement, the company did not sell any Bitcoin.

Tesla managed to increase its profits by 12% in the fourth quarter compared to the previous quarter, contrary to Wall Street expectations.

Tesla reported that profit rose from $3.3 billion to $3.7 billion. The company’s full-year profit more than doubled to $12.6 billion compared to $5.5 billion in 2021. Including revenue from solar panels and other businesses, overall sales rose from $53.8 billion to $81.5 billion.

Tesla shares fell 65% in 2022 due to investor concerns about the company’s future. Investors were particularly concerned that Elon Musk would sell more Tesla shares to fund his Twitter buyout.

Tesla announced on Jan. 2 that its fourth-quarter deliveries rose 18% to 405,000 vehicles. That’s well below the target of Wall Street analysts and the company.

Despite all this, the company’s shares managed to recover some of the losses after lowering prices in the US and Europe to stimulate sales.

Tesla’s balance sheet includes 9,720 BTC.


FTX’s creditor list has been announced!

The full list of creditors of the bankrupt FTX exchange has been released. Along with the announced list, numerous companies and government organizations have been deciphered.

FTX attorneys have finally released the list of creditors along with the 115-page document to the US bankruptcy court for the District of Delaware.

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The list includes many creditors, including US and international government agencies, as well as airlines, hotels, banks, charities and venture capital firms.

However, among the Web3-related companies that FTX owes; Other organizations from Coinbase, Galaxy Digital, Yuga Labs, Circle, Bittrex, Sky Mavis, Chainalysis, Messari, and Binance took part.

In addition, the list of creditors included technology giants such as Apple, Netflix, Amazon, Meta, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft and Twitter. Additionally, media outlets The New York Times and CoinDesk were some of FTX’s creditors.

However, not only US entities but also other government agencies in Japan, Australia and Hong Kong are on the list of creditors.

In December 2022, a former FTX employee made some allegations about the company. The former FTX employee said that the business was spending quite a lot of unnecessary and luxury.



Aptos (APT) has risen fivefold in the last 30 days!

Cryptocurrency markets have received 2023 quite well. In particular, the rise in Bitcoin (BTC) caused altcoins to gather very quickly.

The market volume, which returned to the critical threshold of 1 trillion after 200 billion added to the volume, entered an upward trend with this development.

Although there may be decreases in some cryptos, there are a few cryptocurrencies that stand out from these rises. One of them, Aptos (APT), made its investors smile.

So much so that Aptos (APT) has managed to increase its value by 420 percent in the last 30 days.

What is Aptos?

Aptos blockchain is an Ethereum-based private blockchain platform that aims to provide a secure and fast blockchain platform for corporate clients. Using a hybrid consensus algorithm combining Proof of Work and Proof of Stake, the project bears the ashes of Meta’s Libra and Diem projects.


The platform also offers support for smart contract functionality and decentralized applications (dApps), the network has been attracting a lot of attention since its launch. Designed to enable companies to build and deploy their own blockchain solutions such as supply chain management and digital asset management, the project is experiencing rapid growth in its ecosystem.

On a price basis, APT, which entered a rapid upward trend, experienced an increase of 420 percent on a monthly basis, while it experienced an increase of 260 percent in the last 14 days.


Tesla releases its fourth-quarter report - company still have Bitcoin; FTX's creditor list has been announced; Aptos (APT) has risen fivefold in the last 30 days
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