20 Best Crypto Trading Bots in 2023

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Usually forex professional users have a lot more free time with the advent of trading bots for cryptocurrencies, since now they don’t have to sit over all the trades, set timers, or constantly monitor the situation.

Everything is done automatically, simply thanks to the bot. There are a lot of tools and strategies. Rather, we suggest you read about the best bots for cryptocurrency trading in the article.

What is a Crypto trading bot?

The crypto trading bot is a computer program that either automatically or partially automatically buys and sells various types of cryptocurrencies at a certain time, either at the initiative of the trader or according to the algorithm of the program itself, to make a profit.

Robot connects to the cryptocurrency exchange via API and allows you to place trades on your behalf as quickly as possible. The speed of the algorithm’s reaction is incomparable to manual input.

All bots are based on different signals, algorithms, patterns, and traders’ settings. One way or another, the basis of any bot is a diverse list of triggers. For most traders, especially if you trade intraday, a cryptocurrency bot can be an important assistant and significantly reduce time spent analyzing markets and filtering signals.

Pros of Cryptocurrency Trading Bots

Let’s take a look at the other pros and cons of cryptocurrency bots so that you can put together a more complete picture:

  • Lack of human emotion factor. Traders, especially newbies, are subject to emotional stress – usually as a result of increased volatility due to some political or economic news. Bots are controlled by algorithms that evaluate only market movements and will not buy/sell in a panic.
  • Bots for cryptocurrency trading make trading more efficient because they can multitask, analyze multiple cryptocurrencies, make trades, scan the marketplace, etc. There is no chance that your bot will miss an opportunity like a human would.
  • A bot’s reaction to an important signal will be faster than a human’s.

Automating trading with a bot is certainly a good way to get rid of emotion when trading and reduce the burden on your time. But many bot vendors still require you to choose a strategy and configure parameters. Even though they have features to help you test on history, it’s often still a cumbersome process that can tire beginners and doesn’t always give optimal results.

So, what are the best crypto trading bots? Let’s look below at the list of tools for creating bots.


Bitsgap is very easy to use but it is not free. It only has a 7-day free trial for full testing. However, it does offer the ability to exchange cryptocurrencies on a huge number of cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

Bitsgap is an all-in-one crypto trading platform that lets you do trading, manage portfolios, access trading bots, provide signals, and much more.

The bot does not offer a special app for mobile or desktop platforms while doing great market analysis and comparing potential earnings. Through arbitrage trading, it helps to buy at a low price, sell at a high price and make money quickly.

Moreover, no special knowledge is required to use Bitsgap. You can set all the rules with a few clicks and the bot will work around the clock, ensuring that you don’t miss a single opportunity. Like each of the bots below in this list, it offers several types of exchange bots.

In addition to the arbitrage bot, Bitsgap provides you with a Futures Bot, Grid Bot, and even Unlimited Smart Orders. It also supports Livecoin, Coinex, Kraken, Binance, Bithumb, and many other exchanges. Its starting price is $24 a month, which is cheap.

Regardless of the rate selected, Bitsgap offers users three types of trading bots:

  • Spot – a medium-term algorithm that uses a grid of orders to make profits. It is used in case of a sideways trend;
  • Classic Bitsgap Bot – grid bot with a short time frame. Used in the bull market;
  • Combo Bot – futures algorithm based on a combination of grid orders and DCA strategy.

Premium plans give you active DCA and GRID bots, 15+ supported exchanges, and a fully automated portfolio. 

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Pionex is one of the best automated crypto trading bots. Currently, The Pionex only supports bots on its trading terminal. Currently, the commission on that crystal tool is 0.05% of the total maker and taker’s fee.

Pionex crypto bot
Pionex provides 16 trading bots which allows you to securely and automatically trade currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and so on.

Using Pionex has several advantages, including twelve different unique trading bots, automation capabilities, a great mobile app, an excellent product selection, and an easy-to-program bot interface.


The CryptoHopper is a bot constructor for cryptocurrency trading. Currently it is the best instrument for automated crypto trading and internal day dealing. At the moment CryptoHopper supports 9 cryptocurrency exchanges for easy integration. Ongoing subscription prices range from $19 to $99 per month.

Cryptohopper Crypto Trading Bot
Cryptohopper is the only crypto trading bot that allows you to subscribe to and trade external trading signals from crypto trading groups and market experts.

There are several benefits to using CryptoHopper, including the ability to trade 24/7, cloud based storage and hosting, no idle time, a simple configuration process and no need to install the platform.


Coinrule is best suited for creating and implementing crypto trading strategies. Currently, Coinrule supports integration with 10 cryptocurrency exchanges. The current subscription price is $29.99 per month. There is also a free trial version.

Automated Crypto Trading Bot
Coinrule is a web platform that allows cryptocurrency traders to create and use automated trading rules.

There are several benefits of working with Coinrule, including over 150 customizable trading templates with predefined parameters, multiple stop loss, and position holding strategies, and different pricing packages to fit your budget.


The main feature of the 3commas.io platform is cryptocurrency bots, which perform all trading operations according to the parameters set by the trader independently.

3Commas Crypto Trading Bot
 3Commas is more than just a Bitcoin app.

Among them:

  • DCA bots;
  • HODL bot;
  • Grid bot;
  • Option bot.

Cryptocurrency signals are also implemented. To trade on the signals, you need to select a signal, connect an exchange account to it, subscribe to the signal, run the bot and select and configure trading parameters.


Mudrex is one of the best trading bots crypto that you can use to trade through settings and features. 

Beginners and experienced traders alike seem to be reaching for this bot.

Mudrex crypto bot
Invest in expert-curated solutions for long-term returns.

This trading service is quite simple, which is probably the reason for its growing audience.

Keeping it simple, you’ll find access to demos, a free plan, and a premium paid plan for your trading needs.

If you’re a beginner, it would be wise to start with the free plan, play around with the demos and learn before risking your money.


Quadency is a trading strategy and crypto-bot builder. These are the best crypto trading bots for beginners, as the user interface is very simple and user-friendly. At present, Quadency supports integration with 13 cryptocurrency exchanges. Subscription options are available for free.

Quadency Crypto Trading Platform
 Quadency is a smart trading platform that simplifies the increasingly complex crypto trading experience. 

Using Quadency has a number of benefits, including the ability of building and customizing a top-notch trading strategy, enhanced charts, built-in stock market screeners, and many more features.


Napbots is a cryptocurrency arbitrage bot that functions differently than others. This platform allows you to copy other people’s trades and trading tactics and apply them to your portfolio. While crypto arbitrage itself is a great earning tactic, you can enhance it by copying the trading strategy of someone more knowledgeable.

As you make more money and learn how arbitrage trading works, you can further customize your tactics to your needs. This is possible thanks to an easy-to-use app that supports unlimited trades, no commissions, and market leverage.

While this app is not free, you can get it for the very affordable price of $16 per month, with two months free for the annual plan. In this case, you get 24/7 monitoring of arbitrage bots, the ability to create custom combinations, and an investment potential of $1,000.

It may not be the best option, but for the price, you’ll love it. If you are an advanced user, Coinrule or Cryptohopper are better choices.


As soon as your trading bot is set up and ready to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, it opens a deal either immediately or after receiving a signal from technical indicators, depending on the filters set.

Tradesanta crypto trading bot
Tradesanta is a cloud-based crypto trading bot that can help you save time by making deals automatically.

The first order the cryptobot buys the amount of the base currency specified by the user in the settings. When the initial order is executed and the trade is open, the robot places a Take Profit order along with several additional orders. A Take Profit order is an order that makes a profit at a percentage level set by the user. Each time the price of a cryptocurrency goes in the direction opposite to the chosen strategy, one extra order is executed and a new order is automatically placed. Extra orders serve to take advantage of the changing price and adapt the trading strategy to the current market conditions.

TradeSanta is a cloud-based bot for cryptocurrency trading. This crypto tool is best suited for large crypto investors. TradeSanta currently supports 8 crypto exchanges. The current subscription price ranges from $14 to $30 per month.

Using TradeSanta has several advantages, including cloud storage and hosting, excellent auto-trading setup options, easy parameter setup, trading scalability, and account-opening capabilities.

Features of TradeSanta:

  • Grid and DCA.

Choose the strategy that suits your trading style and the market right now and the bot will take care of the rest, whether you choose to take profits for each buy separately (Grid) or average the price for all orders (DCA)

  • Additional Orders

Additional orders give you the opportunity to take profits even if market fluctuations do not support your original strategy. If the price goes in the opposite direction to your expectations, the Santa trading bot places an additional order to buy (or sell) more coins at the current price, allowing you to get your desired take profit with less price movement in the future.

  • Long and Short Strategies

TradeSanta allows you to run automated trading bots with short and long strategies simultaneously. In either direction, the price will be covered by TradeSanta cryptocurrency bots.

  • Technical Indicators

TradeSanta’s technical indicators ensure that the bot will enter the market at the optimal point. TradeSanta users can choose between RSI, MACD and Bollinger signals or use these 3 filters simultaneously.

  • Stop Loss

Manage your risk by setting a stop loss to exit a position if a trade goes against your strategy.

  • 24/7 Support

We know that starting cryptocurrency trading can sometimes be a little confusing. We are available to answer your questions or solve your problems 24/7. Contact us via email or Telegram anytime.

Automating cryptocurrency with Santa cryptocurrency trading robot is easy for Binance, Bittrex, Bitfinex, Upbit, Huobi and HitBTC. First you set up the access point and then the bot parameters. You choose a trading pair, cryptobot strategy (long or short), take profit level and other settings. Wizard guides you through the entire process, and TradeSanta Bot templates help you smoothly dive into automated cryptocurrency trading


Haast or HaasOnline is an old-school arbitrage system with probably the longest lifetime on the market. 

Individuals who use it find it very easy to enjoy arbitrage trading with minimal commissions. Additionally, HaasBot can use the cryptocurrency market and platforms, which comes with the ability to connect to multiple exchanges.

Fifteen bots are present, and in addition to arbitrage trading, you can engage in paper trading, scalping and other profitable tactics. As an all-in-one platform, you also get indicators for trading, with HaasBot being able to automatically make trades for you according to the opportunity provided.

This is not free, although there is a two-week trial for 0.001 BTC, or about $32 at the time of this writing. As an alternative, you can purchase its starter plan for 0.047 BTC, currently about $1,500.

That’s expensive, but also very secure if you want to increase your cryptocurrency profits drastically.


The Shrimpy is suitable for use on several cryptocurrency exchanges, which could be useful for more sophisticated cryptotraders using more than one exchange. At the moment, Shrimpy supports integrations with 18 Crypto-currency exchanges. The ongoing subscription price varies between $19 and $299 per monthly.

The benefits of Shrimpy are the many crystal-currency exchanges to be integrated, the many wallets supported, the variety of different subscription plans, the ability to trade socially, and the relative ease with which it can be used.

Shrimpy crypto bot
Shrimpy is a powerful crypto trading bot focused on automated portfolio management, social trading and long-term portfolio growth.

Shrimpy.io is the leading tool in the portfolio rebalancing arena thanks to its intuitive and easy-to-use user interface, excellent support and innovative features. They also support all major exchanges and regularly add new ones. 

Currently supported exchanges include:

Binance, Binance.US, Bittrex, Bittrex Global, Kucoin, Coinbase Pro, Poloniex, Kraken , Huobi Global, Gemini, Bibox, BitMart, BitStamp, BitFinex, OkEx, HitBTC.

There are several aspects of the Shrimpy platform that are worth highlighting: task automation, membership in their growing community, portfolio management, and social trading (otherwise known as “Copy Trading”).

Instead of having to get in and out of a huge number of exchanges, Shrimpy can do all the hard work with its 3 main automation features:

  • Asset Allocation – Set up your own cryptocurrency portfolio by choosing your preferred assets and allocation.
  • Rebalancing – Periodically rebalance your portfolio based on your own cryptocurrency trading strategy.
  • Backtest – Backtest up to 5 years of detailed historical data across multiple exchanges.

Another important feature of Shrimpy is its emphasis on community, where you can learn more about cryptocurrencies in general, share your trading strategies and pool your knowledge to earn more together.

Signing up for Shrimpy.io is a pretty standard process – clicking Sign Up and filling in the necessary details, followed by the mandatory email address confirmation.


CryptoHero is a good option for beginners who have little or no experience trading cryptocurrencies manually or automatically.

Moreover, CryptoHero is committed to helping bitcoin traders from all walks of life, and it can do so through a well-organized set of services.

Using CryptoHero is inexpensive and low cost. The firm also provides a free version that you can use immediately to evaluate its effectiveness.

It is one of the best free crypto trading bots available in the bitcoin market because of its remarkable services and low price.

So, for around $13.99 per month, you will get a variety of bots with numerous customizable parameters, historical data, and the ability to test bots in practice and interact with the leading crypto exchanges in the market.

Since CryptoHero was created for inexperienced users, it is intuitive for traders of any skill level.

Whether you’re trying to master cryptocurrency trading or looking for an easy way to leverage your years of experience in the trading industry, the solution gives you an easy way to do so.

CryptoHero is a cloud-based service, so it doesn’t need to be installed on a local computer. Instead, it is easily accessible through modern web browsers from a variety of desktops and laptops. CryptoHero is also available in iOS and Android mobile apps.


Botsfolio is suitable for traders who do not want to deal with a bunch of code. Currently, Botsfolio supports one cryptocurrency for integration, which is Binance. However, more venues may be integrated in the future. Subscription prices range from $5 to $20 per month.

Botsfolio crypto bot
Botsfolio offers powerful bots that tradу for you with professional expertise.

The advantages of Botsfolio are high reliability, no programming skills required, the ability to choose an investment target, easy integration with the exchange, and the ability to fully automate the management of your portfolio.


Botcrypto is a web-based cryptocurrency trading automation platform designed for retail traders. With its intuitive and innovative interface, a particular trader can create and control trading robots that execute his strategies.

These best bots for trading crypto can be customized without any IT prerequisites. They run 24 hours a day and thus allow users to save time and increase their trading efficiency. Botcrypto also allows you to run simulations to get started without risk and learn best practices through educational resources.  


Traality is a crypto-algorithm builder that is best suited for crypto-trading automation. Currently, Traality supports one crypto exchange for integration – Binance. However, more exchanges may be integrated in the future. The current subscription price ranges from free to €59.99 per month.

Traality has the following advantages: an ultra-simple platform, excellent automation features, lots of training materials and a developed community, advanced algorithms, and features that are good for both beginners and experienced traders.


WunderBit is a crypto exchange with best bots for crypto trading and copy trading. This crypto tool is best suited for social trading and copy trading. Currently, WunderBit only supports its platform for integration. Subscription pricing starts from free to $44.95 per month.

Wunderbit crypto bot
WunderTrading is an automated crypto trading platform with a trading bots and copy-trading tools.

The benefits of WunderBit are advanced social trading, the ability to receive commissions for experienced signal providers traders, easy setup, and full automation of trading.


The Superalgos platform is optimized for collaboration. The trading intelligence assets that users create are standardized so that data, strategies, AI models, workspaces, and plugins of all kinds can be shared.

The network is available in open beta from Q1 2022 to enable collaboration in the decentralized production, distribution, and consumption of trading intelligence.


SmithBot is a SaaS platform accessible from any modern web browser on almost any device. Its intuitive user interface makes it easy to compare, graph and rank different bots and choose the ones that suit you best. Connect a supported cryptocurrency exchange of your choice and your bots start trading autonomously. Your funds remain on your exchange at all times, and SmithBot has no access to them.

SmithBot opens up the unlimited possibilities of artificial intelligence for trading cryptocurrency assets for everyone.

The bot runs sophisticated AI algorithms to find trades with a high chance of profit and is a site in the “bitcoin and cryptocurrencies” category. There are more than 10 alternatives to SmithBot, not only sites but also apps for various platforms including Android, iPhone, SaaS, and Mac. If something about it doesn’t suit you, you can use an alternative, 3commas, which is free. Other great sites and apps similar to SmithBot are Coinrule, LiveTrader, TradeSanta, and Trality.

The service has inherent reliability and unmatched uptime thanks to the infrastructure of a large, reliable cloud provider. We pay great attention to cybersecurity and encryption and carefully select our data sources to ensure data integrity. SmithBot algorithms are not susceptible to market manipulation schemes or other fraudulent activities.

SmithBot offers advanced cryptocurrency trading bots with artificial intelligence for everyone, whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader. Get a free demo account and learn more about this powerful solution. Cryptocurrency trading has never been easier or safer.


Its major selling points are its simplicity and very little IT and experience threshold to set up and run.

Although it is reliable and easy to use, it delivers substantial cryptocurrency profits to its users.

With Margin.de, you can quickly configure automated trading strategy bots. It means that you can make cash while you sleep in cryptocurrency markets that never sleep! Visualizing bot settings promotes understanding and allows even novice traders to take advantage of volatile trading markets by taking emotion out of the way of decision-making.


KuCoin is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges by trading volume, where margin, futures and spot trading are available.

This crypto exchange offers a wide range of digital coins for crypto trading, such as BTC, ETH, USDT.

KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange is currently integrated into the Crypto Robotics trading terminal, which allows traders to use various algorithmic tools of the platform.

KuCoin Trading Bot 
KuCoin Trading Bot is a free-to-use software that allows traders to automate their crypto trading.

A cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin provides grids with multiple trading partnerships, as well as an extensive API that facilitates secure and automated trading styles. The commission of the maker and taker is 0.10%. Using KuCoin, you can create five different types of trading gridbots that include everything from a future gridbot to a spot gridbot. KuCoin merchant bots are free.

Bots work with all pairs of spot and futures markets:

  1. DCA and Smart Rebalance buy cryptocurrency during a rise and close positions when trading targets are reached. They can be used to buy an asset profitably or build a balanced portfolio.
  2. Spot Grid and Futures Grid sell the asset during growth and buy on pullbacks. They make money in corridors when the price of an asset regularly bounces off support and resistance levels.

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A cryptocurrency exchange trading program, or simply a bot, is a script designed to simplify the trading process. There are ready-made bots designed for certain transactions, as well as more complex programs that need to be fully customized according to one’s needs. Thus, this technology is very flexible and can be useful for all market participants.

The best crypto trading bots are software that helps you act on these opportunities at the right time, using predetermined algorithms. Now, these algorithms are customized according to your needs. These automate your trading experience. The bots are hosted in the cloud and trade 24/7 on your behalf. 

Grid trading bots are very useful for beginners and experienced traders alike. 

In fact, the crypto bots mentioned above are some of the best bots in the industry. So if you want to get the best the industry has to offer, try looking for something else.