Bitsgap vs Quadency: Which One Is The Bot For You?

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How about if you could use programs that could buy and sell on your behalf and make a profit? Such programs already exist, and they are called cryptocurrency trading bots. They constantly monitor the market and act according to predefined rules. In this article, we will compare2 the best cryptocurrency trading bots: Bitsgap vs Quadency. 

Supported Exchanges: Bitsgap vs Quadency

Bitsgap Supported Cryptocurrency Exchanges:

Quadency supports multiple exchange platforms and provides integration of trading charts for its accounts

Among them:

  • Coinbase Pro  
  • Binance US
  • Gemini  
  • Poloniex  
  • Liquid  
  • Bitfinex
  • Binance

Fully automated trading functions from Binance, Kucoin, and other exchanges can also be easily added to the Quadency platform.
Quadency platform

Cryptocurrencies Comparison

The Bitsgap is an all-in-one trading platform launched in early 2018. It offers crypto asset management from one platform – trading bots, arbitrage, portfolio, and signals. So you can connect to all your favorite exchanges from one interface. 

The Quadency offers a smarter way to trade and manage your cryptocurrencies. These tools help you automate your strategies and track your holdings, even in offline wallets. They manage 100M+ USD.

Quadency has a good assortment of trading bots available. They help to follow simple rules as well as individual strategies. Traders can use technical analysis with these bots and run pre-configured trading methods to test their TA-based strategies.

Trading Tools

The Bitsgap cryptocurrency arbitrage tool lets you keep track of opportunities to take advantage of price differences between exchanges. You buy currency on an exchange where the price is lower and sell it on an exchange where the price is higher. You can choose between cryptocurrency and fiat. Your profit includes commissions charged by the platform. 

To make a profit, you have to buy and sell at the right time, as such opportunities don’t last long. If you follow the markets manually, it takes a long time. That’s why Bitsgap offers an automated and AI-powered bot. 

Bitsgap allows you to track information from cryptocurrency exchanges. They provide a dashboard that is automatic and free. You can check your funds and earnings in a portfolio created in real-time. You can also filter your portfolio for any specific exchange.

Quadency offers a simple and easy-to-use interface.

The Quadency dashboard allows you to track the overall health and performance of your assets, analyze statistics, display account balances, build charts of cryptocurrency distribution, view recent trades, and much more. 

It has several powerful tools for automating cryptocurrency trading services. It assists in improving an exchange’s crypto portfolio with trading bots supported by most leading exchanges, namely:

  • MACD
  • Grid Trader
  • Market Maker
  • Market Maker Plus
  • Multilevel RSI
  • Bollinger Bands
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Users can execute unique automated trading strategies and apply the algorithms to all linked exchange accounts. Nearly 10 pre-built trading strategies help Quadency users with the best trading automation.

If you’ve connected your exchange accounts to Quadency, your balances, trades, and orders are available on the Portfolio page. You can track all your crypto assets (offline hardware wallets and connected exchanges). A visual representation of your entire crypto portfolio on one screen allows you to properly manage trades, risk, and balance changes.

Platforms Features

Some of the Bitsgap features include:

  • A fully automated bot that runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 
  • You can test the performance of bots in demo mode or backtest before making real investment decisions. They demonstrate how your bot will react to profits and losses.
  • Bitsgap provides predefined strategies based on successful backtests. 
  • Creating trading bot strategies is easy.
  • TradingView charts help you evaluate your bot’s performance.
  • The bot becomes ineffective if prices rise or fall quickly. It works best in a swing or neutral market.
  • If the price moves above the bot’s range, all BTC can be sold automatically, and you will be left with a realized USDT. If prices cross the lower boundary, all buy orders will be fully executed.
  • If you remove the bot, all attached open orders are canceled.

As for Quadency:

  • Suggests off-the-shelf and custom bots.
  • The parameters are customizable.
  • Do a backtest before you go to the market.
  • Check out and copy successful configurations using ‘Smart Suggest’. Configurations are generated by Quadency’s Hyper-Parameter Optimization Engine and assigned to bots.
  • Alternatively, you can code a custom strategy and the Quadency team will make it available in your account.
Trade Smarter with Quadency
Trade Smarter with Quadency

Pricing Plans & Subscription Structure Comparison

Bitsgap Pricing:

  • Basic -$25 monthly trading limit
  • Pro -$100000 monthly trading limit
  • Advanced – fifteen active trading bots.

All three packages provide Trading Signals, Portfolios, Advanced Order Types, and Demo Trading. The optional Pro package offers priority support.

Quadency Pricing:

  • Lite – Ten backtests per day – One working live bot – Monthly trading limit is USD 50,000
  • Pro -100 backtests per day – Twenty live bots working – Monthly trading limit is USD 500,000 – Email and chat.
  • Unlimited – Unified residual and streaming API – Unlimited number of backtests – Unlimited number of live bots working – Unlimited monthly trade limit – Email and chat – Strategy Coder.

Customer Support

You can email [email protected]. Bitsgap also runs a Telegram channel to answer your queries. You can also contact them on Twitter.  

Quadency is a good provider of customer support services. The support center on the site has several user guides and research articles. The FAQ section on the platform is very useful for novice traders. The support team also helps with official blogs for detailed solutions to user questions. Twitter accounts and Telegram groups are also available for contacting support staff. 90% of user support transactions on Qaudency are conducted through live chat and email conversations.

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And you can contact Quadency with their support by writing to [email protected]. They also have a live chat option, but it’s only available to PRO subscription users. 

Quadency runs a YouTube channel where they have videos on how to use the platform.

Product Security

Bitsgap usage is secure because all funds in Bitsgap are securely stored in your cryptocurrencies and connected by encrypted API keys. The entire information is encrypted using 2048-bit standard algorithms and protected by a powerful firewall.

Furthermore, sensitive account information is never shared with outside sources. 

Additionally, Bitsgap recommends using two-factor authentication, adding an extra layer of security. Multiple failed login attempts will result in a temporary blocking of the account and API.

Alternatively, you can restrict access to the API key to suit your needs. API keys are always hidden and in an encrypted format. 

The Quadency is secure and uses various security measures such as encryption of API keys, unauthorized access, passwords, and other sensitive information. The entire information is encrypted both in transit and at rest. The passwords are encrypted using the Bcrypt encryption algorithm. They use the content security policy (CSP) and HTTP strict transport security (HSTS) features in modern browsers. You can disable withdrawal permissions from the exchange API and use two-factor authentication. 

Quadency is secure
Quadency is secure

In addition, Qdency performs regular pent testing of infrastructure and applications against the OWASP standard and compliance before deploying each code to ensure that the production code is free of vulnerabilities.

They work with AWS to eliminate Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and use AWS WAF to mitigate any attacks in the application to protect in depth. 

Quadency also protects data with multiple layers of 256-bit encryption for all accounts. It uses Amazon Web Services to mitigate potential DDoS threats. Speed limits and problems with ReCaptcha are fixed to prevent automated brute-force scripting attacks. The admin panels on the platform are also not exposed to the public. In addition to users, only a few authorized Quadency stakeholders have access to them.

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Strategies and Profitability

Trading bots have no competitors when it comes to speed and execution, but they cannot think for themselves. Instead, bots compare a set of built-in conditions to the current market situation. Trading strategies refer to a specific way of comparing bots. Each strategy has its pros and cons, which is why it is very important to know all the ins and outs before trading with Bitsgap or Quadency. 

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Both cryptocurrency trading management platforms offer DCA bots, Grid bots, Options bots, Futures bots, HODL bots, Scalper terminals, and complete portfolio management from one convenient interface.

Regardless of your strategy, the main goal of both platforms is to bring cash flow your way.  

Recap: Pros and Cons

Here’s the Bitsgap characteristic: 


  • Easy and fast startup.
  • Easy configuration.
  • Preconfigured trading bots.
  • Arbitrage capabilities.
  • Market signals dashboard.
  • All features are in one place.
  • Free package for accounts with small budgets.
  • Gives 2 week trial with no credit card connection.


  • Limited functionality of the trading bot.
  • No mobile app.

You can count on Bitsgap’s automated trading algorithms to generate a steady stream of income regardless of market conditions. Don’t forget additional features like stop-loss, take-profit, exit strategies, and up-trailing, which ensure your safety and higher Return-on-investment.

The Quadency review presents the following:


  • Quadency has professional-level tools for crypto trading and portfolio management.  
  •  Its intuitive user interface makes this platform the best option for new traders.  
  •  It is easy to set up crypto asset management on this platform.
  •  It contains several effective trading strategies in the form of libraries.


  • The Quadency platform does not have a mobile app.
  • Margin trading strategies are not available on Quadency.

Quadency’s capabilities can help traders maximize their crypto-investment opportunities. It comes out on top as the best crypto asset management platform for capturing and maximizing trading opportunities.

The Quadency dashboard has great appeal for novice crypto traders. The included TradingView charts also make the platform productive for professional traders. 


In conclusion, it’s important to note that Bitsgap and Quadency are two of the best bots for cryptocurrency trading in the cryptocurrency market.

It’s hard for us to name a winner among these platforms because they have huge pluses and often very minor minuses. It’s up to you to decide which tool best suits your needs.

Quadency is great if you don’t want too much customization and a quick setup. It’s also the cheapest option of the three.

Bitsgap is a great scalping and arbitrage bot that works with many exchanges.

 If you’re looking for more bots, try Quadency, If you’re looking for more exchange platforms and futures trading, try Bitsgap. And if you need a cheap, easy-to-run trading bot solution don’t doubt that this is a good solution from all sides.

Both platforms, if you use their strengths, can lead to huge profits, so make sure you’ve done all the work and decided which one is right for you. Have a good trading day!