BNB Hacker Becomes Rocket Pool rETH Fourth Largest Holder

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An address connected to the BNB bridge exploiter has moved $74 million worth of crypto to 0x5313, becoming the fourth-largest Rocket Pool’s rETH whale, blockchain security firm PeckShield reported.

According to PeckShield, the crypto assets transferred to the new wallet included 43,228 stETH, worth about $70 million, 1,679 Rocket Pool’s rETH, worth $2.9 million, and 771 ETH, valued at $1.27 million. The account further swapped $7 million in crypto assets, including 6.2 million USDC and 472 ETH for 3,990 rETH.

BNB Exploiter: The Fourth-Largest Holder of rETH

The 0x5313 is now one of the largest holders of staked Ethereum, with over $82 million in liquid staked ETH from the top two platforms. This includes 39,000 wrapped LDO, stETH, and 5,700 RocketPool staked ETH.

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