Former CTO of Coinbase says Bitcoin will reach $1 million!

Former CTO of Coinbase says Bitcoin will reach $1 million; Bitcoin (BTC) reach $28,000 again after 280 days; DeFi transactions raise up after Silicon Valley Bank crisis.

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NFT 101: Ultimate Guide to Non-Fungible Tokens

Despite the criticism from the crypto oldies, the NFT industry has dramatically grown in the last few years. Top NFTs are sold for tens of millions of dollars while the number of celebs with their own NFT collections grows. Let’s examine what NFTs are and why they are gaining popularity. 

What Is a Crypto Card and How to Use It?

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Tezos (XTZ) Review: Technology, Consensus, Use Cases

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Liquidity Pool (LP) Tokens — An Underused Crypto Tool Worth Considering

As the crypto market grows and expands, new opportunities and tools occur. One is liquidity provision, which involves lending your crypto to a pool to earn interest. Although LP tokens are just a byproduct of such a process, they have their fair share of successful use cases.

Blockchain Types: Public, Private, Or Something In Between?

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Everything You Need to Know About Crypto Token Standards

In the early 2010s, crypto was still a new and exotic thing, while today, there are over 20 thousand digital assets. Still, most of them are built on top of existing projects such as Ethereum and Tron. This article focuses on the basics of top token standards used to issue new tokens.

Metaverse: Is It Really The Future Of Technology?

Everyone has heard about a new and hyped metaverse technology, but very few get how it works. This article explores the interpretations of the term, as well as its current and future forms.

How Crypto Impacts the Real World Today

Aside from 38,000 cryptos, ATMs around the globe, and GPU shortage.   The Scope  Let's step back from Bitcoin rallies, scams, and other daily FUD stuff around...