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DEFY is a new mobile blockchain game with elements of augmented reality and NFT. The gaming ecosystem provides two tokens — the in-game currency FCOINS and the utility token DEFY. The latter makes it possible to buy game objects in NFTs, improve characters, and interact with other players. You can exchange DEFY for FCOINS at any time.

DEFY is in a dystopian world where Future Systems Corporation controls all global networks. Players must hack these networks to take part in the revolution against the corporation. To start playing, you need to buy an NFT mask, and you will also need a weapon.

The playable characters are called operatives, and their task is to hack into cell towers, revealing the location of Future Systems wallets in hexagonal zones. The buildings are camouflaged, so the naked eye cannot see them, but they send out pulses that can be used to determine the location of zones and nearby towers.

This is where augmented reality plays an important role.

The player needs to physically be inside the hexagon to initiate the hacking of the tower – connect and complete a series of tasks, finding the code correctly. Time for this is limited. Towers can have different levels of security based on how valuable wallets are stored in their hexagons.

  • Low level — 200 to 2000 FCOIN, four trials, tracked for 120 seconds.
  • Medium level — from 2000 to 4500 FCOIN, eight trials, tracked for 60 seconds.
  • High level —- from 2500 FCOIN, 16 trials, tracked for 45 seconds.
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After a tower is hacked, it goes offline, but all hacked buildings return approximately every hour when the network is updated. Hacked tower wallets become visible but must be decrypted to access the funds.

Three types of NFTs can be owned in DEFY:

  • Virtual masks. They protect your privacy. There are two types of masks: regular and premium. On April 30, 2022, 8888 initially generated masks were sold out on OpenSea. Another 10,000 second-generation masks are available for purchase.
  • Personal drones are trained to perform various tasks, mainly to find hacked wallets and withdraw FCOINS from them. You can also purchase hangars for your AR drones that other players can see.
  • Custom NFTs. Artists and designers can create drones, mask skins, and hangar upgrades on the built-in marketplace, getting paid in DEFY or FCOIN.