Walken (WLKN)

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Walken is a similar application on the Solana network that allows you to earn money by walking and running, similar to STEPN. It has similar mechanics, but instead of sneakers, there are funny NFT characters that are aimed at CAThlets. The main feature of the platform is direct integration with DeFi (decentralized finance), which stimulates the generation of its own income from tokens, income for a healthy lifestyle.

WLKN is a governance and staking token, user experience evaluation, NFT buying/selling, and in-app DeFi elements. WLKN owners take part in voting on the future adoption of the project. You can earn tokens by participating in pet battles.

The developers state that their main goal is to attract as many people as possible to the decentralized finance industry. The direction of the application is evaluated as “play & exercise to earn” (“play and do exercises to earn”).

For gaming achievements, users are rewarded with WLKN tokens. Game characters are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that can be bought and sold on any NFT marketplace.

The application will feature a simple default interface for interacting with DeFi protocols. Ultimately, it is planned to create a highly functional ecosystem of applications to attract hundreds of thousands of new users to the cryptosphere, using both applications from Walken developers and third-party products.

Features of the mobile blockchain game Walken:

  • The user interface is inspired by the ideas of Pokemon Go and Tamagotchi and is as simple to understand as possible for a person of any age to understand. At the same time, when necessary, the user can use more advanced functions.
  • Walken uses the GPS feature on a smartphone or other wearable device to track users’ step counts. In order to stop fraud attempts, special software mechanisms are used.
  • The application converts the user’s steps into precious stones (Gems), this is the internal currency of the application. Stones can be used to improve the speed, strength, and endurance parameters of characters called “catlets” (CAThletes) so that they can participate in battles, win and earn WLKN tokens.
  • A social sharing function will be introduced, which will allow you to share achievements on social networks and compete with your friends or random anonymous users.
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