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3Commas publishes a warning about a security issue in FTX, Crypto exchange’s Twitter account was hacked, and Spain overtakes El Salvador in crypto ATM installations!

3Commas publishes warnings about a security issue in FTX

Automated crypto trading bot provider 3Commas issued a security alert after identifying that certain FTX API keys were used to perform unauthorized trades for DMG cryptocurrency trading pairs on the FTX exchange.

3Commas and FTX conducted a joint investigation into the allegations. They found that hackers were trading DMG with new 3Commas accounts, adding that API keys were obtained from outside the platform, not from 3Commas.

The investigation’s findings suggest that hackers used fake 3Commas websites for phishing and thus managed to steal API keys related to FTX accounts. The keys were subsequently used to trade DMGs without authorization.

Both FTX and 3Commas analyzed user activity, identifying suspicious accounts and suspending the API keys.

3Commas is working with victims to gather more information about hackers and to provide support.

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Crypto exchange’s Twitter account was hacked

Hackers took over the Twitter account of the cryptocurrency exchange More than 1 million users are still at risk of losing their funds from the ongoing Tether (USDT) scam.

The social media platform Twitter is one of the most effective tools to reach the crypto community. As a result, there is a growing trend of hacking verified accounts and defrauding their followers.

This time, unknown cyber attackers took over’s Twitter account and changed the name of the site from to, which is a fake website imitating the stock market.

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The hackers promised 500,000 USDT worth of rewards and prompted users to link their wallets to the phishing platform. Doing so gave the hackers full access to the user funds.

Blockchain researcher Peckshield also confirmed the ongoing cyberattack and warned users of the risk of losing private keys.

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Spain overtakes El Salvador in crypto ATM installations

Spain has officially become the third largest Bitcoin (BTC) network and home to cryptocurrency ATMs, after the United States and Canada.

The country currently has 215 crypto ATMs, pushing El Salvador with 212 ATMs to fourth place. 

Spain represents 0.6 percent of global crypto ATM installations, which, however, makes it the country with the biggest number of crypto ATMs in Europe. In this list, Spain is followed by Switzerland (144 ATMs), Poland (142 ATMs), and Romania (135 ATMs).

Spanish providers have installed 43 crypto ATMs in 2022 so far and plan to make it 100 by the year’s end. 

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