Google Cloud Will Support Polygon Blockchain!

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Google Cloud will support Polygon blockchain; announced to partner with Samsung; Google Ads data: $4M stolen through crypto phishing URLs

Google Cloud’s Blockchain Node Engine service will support Polygon as part of a partnership between the two parties.

Google Cloud will simplify the deployment process of Polygon nodes. In this way, more users will be reached, and Polygon will increase the adoption of its ecosystem.

Google Cloud’s Blockchain Node Engine currently supports Ethereum. According to a spokesperson for the company, work is underway for Solana integration.

Brendan Farmer, co-founder of Polygon Labs, used the following statements in his statement:

“Google Cloud’s infrastructure will help scale further to ensure transactions are fast and cost-effective”

The service was launched last year

Google Cloud launched the Blockchain Node Engine last year to allow developers to easily deploy and manage blockchain nodes on Google Cloud.

According to the joint statement of the two companies, these services will allow developers to provision, maintain and run their own private blockchain nodes, while eliminating additional costs.

According to the statement, Google Cloud will support Polygon’s proof-of-stake network, Polygon Supernets, Polygon zkEVM, and all other Polygon protocols.

Google Cloud has been increasing its moves to expand its presence in the web3 industry in recent years. The company announced a few days ago that its “Google for Startups Cloud Program” will support web3 creators. partners with Samsung

Cryptocurrency exchange announced that it has partnered with technology giant Samsung.

The partnership includes updating the stock market app to Version 3.158.1. With the partnership, there are important updates in the application. In the new version of the application, the productivity of the application will increase with the contribution of Samsung, while advanced trading and analysis options will be available.

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The application will host new features in the Galaxy Z Fold will also offer an exclusive experience for Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold devices. Users who use the application on the Galaxy Z Fold will have the opportunity to access more tools and resources. Users will be able to compare tokens more easily than apps on other devices.

Eric Anziani, COO of, said:

“This collaboration with Samsung will allow users to experience our app like never before.

With the work of Samsung and, the application can be used more efficiently for both trading and analysis. It’s also optimized for the big screen experience”

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold series attracted a lot of attention with its foldable design. A special optimization has also been created for the device, which can expand to two screen sizes.

South Korea-based technology company Samsung continues its efforts towards the adoption of cryptocurrencies. Samsung SDS, a subsidiary of Samsung Group, is known for actively working on blockchain technology.

Google Ads data: $4M stolen through crypto phishing URLs

According to Google Ads and blockchain analytics data, users lost more than $4 million clicking ads on malicious fake websites posted on Google.

Ads that lead to malicious phishing websites have become common in Google ads in recent weeks, according to ScamSniffer. The URLs redirect users to fake sites with signature requests to sign in to their wallets that compromise their addresses.

Attacks were made against DeFi protocols, sites and brands such as, Lido, Stargate, Defillama, Orbiter Finance and Radiant. Minor changes to official URLs make it harder for users to realize they’ve clicked on malicious links.

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Users who place malicious ads are using methods that manipulate the Google Click ID parameter, allowing them to display a normal web page during Google’s ad review. This allows attackers to circumvent Google’s ad review.

According to on-chain data analysis of addresses linked to malicious sites advertised on Google in the ScamSniffer database, $4.16 million was stolen from more than 3,000 users in the last month.

Estimating a 40% conversion rate from 7,500 users clicking on malicious ads, the scammers have seen a 276% return on their $15,000 ad spend on their $4 million investment.

A report from Russian cybersecurity and anti-virus provider Kaspersky highlighted a 40 percent increase in crypto-related phishing attacks during 2022, with more than 5 million phishing attacks detected last year.

Google Cloud will support Polygon blockchain; announced to partner with Samsung; Google Ads data: $4M stolen through crypto phishing URLs