Bitsgap vs Cryptohopper: Which One Is The Bot For You?

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The trading of cryptocurrency has become extremely popular. A lot of people realize that it is a difficult process. So users try to figure out a way out and use programs to trade Crypto-currencies. But how much is this the right approach and will the bot trader help to earn something in the long run?

Automated trading terminal has long proven itself in binary options trading and Forex, and now it has come to cryptocurrency exchanges as well. What is a bot trader for cryptocurrency trading, can you trust such a program, and which assistants are the most reliable?

Unless you’re new to the cryptocurrency industry of investing, you may be unfamiliar with the cryptocurrency trading boots. More accurately, about how these bits and bots can benefit you in your trading. 

Two major platforms stand out when it comes to automation: Bitsgap and CryptoHopper. The two major platforms that stand out when it comes to automation are Bitsgap vs Cryptohopper. Although both tools provide several features, there are some fundamental differences between them. Right, so how do you sort out which particular kind of bot is better for exactly the thing you’re trying to do? 

Good, in this brief guide to comparing them, let’s take an extensive look at both instruments and help you make an educated choice as to what’s best for you. But now get down to business!

Supported Exchanges: Bitsgap vs Cryptohopper

Just like you know, CryptoHopper supported the next exchanges: 13 stock exchanges, including 4 formal partners – HitBTC, OKEx, Bitpanda Pro, and Bravo. 

Whereas Bitsgap supports 28 stock exchanges (FTX, Bitfinex, Huobi, Coinbase Pro, Bittrex, HitBTC).

In conjunction, of course, your CryptoHopper bot is also compatible with the top thirteen major cryptocurrency exchanges, including the fact that you can configure it to trade on any of these platforms individually. That helps provide enough daily liquidity for your automatic trader – 24 hrs a week.

Cryptohopper is an automated crypto trading bot that manages all exchange accounts in one place. 

The team at Bitsgap is a group of committed founders who have been hard at work creating complex portfolio management software for crypto merchants. They began from the ground running in 2018 with this very same vision, and its bearing results.

Cryptocurrencies Comparison

Cryptocurrency trading DCA, Options or GRID bots help automate repetitive tasks when trading assets. Usually, when you trade without any automated tools, you have to perform the same actions yourself. This usually means sitting in front of your laptop and making trades manually. The tricky part, which requires your constant attention, is the state of the marketplace. You cannot make informed and effective decisions without proper trading data. 

Bitsgap platform is an easy-to-use and intuitive tool to trade cryptocurrencies. Everything is simple; just choose something you’re curious to buy or sell, and then invest that money. All you have to do is to locate possibilities that open a gap in prices on various exchanges, then buy when there is an unbalance in value.

Bitsgap platform
Bitsgap is an all-in-one crypto trading platform that lets you do trading, manage portfolios, access trading bots, provide signals, and much more.

And with CryptoHoopper, you have an online platform that lets you take complete advantage of the sales bot. The CryptoHoopper was originally released in 2017, and it has now made it easier for more than 140,000 trades for people around the world.

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This is a semi-automatized bot that only makes what you want if it’s preprogrammed with the correct agenda. 

Trading Tools

A Bitsgap bot is designed with an emphasis on maximizing profits in a small amount of time. Bitsgap bots automatically lock profitable trades of day traders, achieving profits that could be difficult for even the seasoned trader to match. 

Our platform offers a wide variety of tools for all levels of traders. Be you a seasoned investor or a novice, the platform has everything to suit the style and palate of every trader.

Platforms Features

Additionally, Bitsgap is a Combo bot that connects to multiple exchanges through a single interface. Its features include arbitrage, portfolio management, and automatic trading.

A CryptoHopper is a robot that allows you to automatically trade on different exchanges. Again, it offers features such as reverse trading, trailing stops, and automatic settlement of trades.

The two bots have their advantages and disadvantages. Once again, let’s take a close look at what each bot has to offer to see which one suits you better.

Product from Bitsgap has grown with time to become one of the most popular trading floors in cryptocurrency. And with their full range of services, it’s no surprise that they can cater to beginners and veterans alike with a variety of needs. All at an affordable price. There is everything here for those just starting their crystal-currency journey, as well as experienced traders looking for something a little edgier and more adventurous.

Not only does CryptoHopper get you ahead of the competition, but it gives users access for free. Their price plans are affordable and vary depending on the usage required of them.

Pricing Plans & Subscription Structure Comparison

There are three different pricing plans at Bitsgap – Basic, Pro, and Business.

The Basic plan is the most affordable option, and it gives you access to all the basic features you need to start cryptocurrency trading. In this plan, you can connect up to 2 exchanges, use 8 bots at a time, and get 24/7 live support. And the Basic plan costs $19 a month.

The plan Pro gives you access to even more features than the basic plan. With this plan, you can connect up to ten exchanges, use 50 bots at a time, and get 24/7 live support. The cost of the Pro plan is $99 per month.

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The Basic Business plan allows you access to all the features of the Basic and Pro plans. With this plan, you can connect up to 20 exchanges, use 100 bots at a time, and get 24/7 live support. The cost of the Business Plan is $499 per month.

Three price plans are available on CryptoHopper: the Starter Plan, the Professional Plan, and the Business Plan. A starter plan is for investors with a small account size, a professional plan is for investors with an average account size, and a business plan is for investors with a larger account size.

CryptoHopper Pricing Plans
The Cryptohopper platform comes with three main account tiers. 

There is a monthly fee of $20 for the Starter Plan, $50 for the Professional Plan, and $100 for the Business Plan. The plans all include unlimited exchanges, 24/7 support, and market analysis.

The startup plan allows you up to five trades per month, the pro plan allows you up to 50 trades per month, and the business plan gives you an unlimited number of trades per month.

Customer Support

Bitsgap and CryptoHopper both have strengths when it comes to customer support. Yet CryptoHopper has a slight advantage over Bitsgap in this area. CryptoHopper has an active community of users who are always willing to help each other, and the platform also has a good reputation among industry experts. Bitsgap has a strong community, but it is not as big as CryptoHopper’s.

Product Security

Collaborating with professional services and the best bots is important to protect API keys. They should be placed in a safe place. It will be better to use bots that try to ask for withdrawal permission. Such tools-assistants should include only trading. If it turns out that the program has a built-in mandatory withdrawal feature, it is likely to be a virus or the program can transfer money to fraudulent accounts. 

So what about the security of the two compared bots? 

Security at Bitsgap is without a question the best on the commercial market. And their systems always have several layers of security, including intrusion detection firewalls, intrusion prevention systems and server, and password defense. They also use the board to protect data during transfer. 

Bitsgap security
Bitsgap is secure and you can trust them to connect with your crypto exchanges.

They also offer several other resources to help keep your data safe, in addition to the Bitsgap. Their weblog has several posts on how to stay safe online, and their customer support department is always glad to help with any issues you may be having.

For its part, CryptoHopper is one of the safest cryptocurrency trading platforms in the world. The platform has several features that make it very difficult for hackers to break into.

Its security measures help CryptoHopper maintain its impeccable reputation when it comes to hacking attacks. So far, there have not been any success hacks, which is a sign of the platform’s robust safety measures. All in all, CryptoHopper is an unbelievably reliable and safe way to Trade Cryptocurrencies.

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Strategies and Profitability

According to our direct experience, we think that the Bitsgap app can execute trades profitably and that investing in this platform can bring you thousands of dollars.

Concerning the second platform, it depends on your investment and strategy, for me it is a very profitable platform, these bots feel everything in the market better and their algorithm, based on artificial intelligence, applies different trading strategies super smoothly and efficiently according to the market. With this tool, you can learn the market better than anyone else and make more profits in less time, and by checking your historical data, you can decide which technique is best for you. 

Notice that creating a cryptocurrency trading bot solution is not as difficult as it may seem. Designing a bot for the stock market can be even more challenging because of the saturation of the market. Searching for a good strategy is the most time-consuming process. Finding the best bot for cryptocurrency trading needs to take a lot of technical parameters into account.

Recap: Pros and Cons

Benefits of Bitgap are:

  • The bot is designed to work with the most popular exchanges.
  • Ability to customize trading strategies.
  • Support for multiple languages.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Offers a free trial period.

Opposite of Bitsgap:

  • It is a relatively new platform and does not offer all the features.
  • It does not have a mobile app.

Pros of CryptoHopper:

  • Can trade on multiple exchanges at once.
  • Four-level referral system.
  • Can backtest strategies.
  • Works in the cloud, so it can work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Cons of CryptoHopper:

  • Can be expensive if you trade on multiple exchanges.
  • Customer service is sometimes unresponsive.


With the increasing popularity of cryptocurrency trading bots around the world, the global economy is changing. Tasks such as data analysis and market analytics are ideal for these bots. Additionally, they provide important information to help make appropriate decisions in the future, increasing the growth of a crypto trader’s portfolio. Bitcoin trading bots allow you to automate strategies and outperform others in the trading market. Well, the role of cryptocurrency trading bots will become even more important.

So which platform is the best? That depends on your needs as a trader. CryptoHopper offers a paper trading feature as well, which lets users test their strategies before risking real money, something that Bitsgap doesn’t do.

If you are looking for a full all-in-one solution, then Bitsgap is the best option. But if one is searching for more customization and versatility when it comes down to your bot selling strategies, the CryptoHopper is a superior choice.