Bitsgap vs Botcrypto: Which One Is The Bot For You?

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The longevity and intense development of the cryptocurrency market inclines people to choose autobots. It helps in creating more effective trading strategies. As of today, choosing Bitsgap and botcrypto would be one of the best choices. Why? They are cryptocurrency platforms that help traders trade and trade productively.

Our review below on Bitsgap vs Botcrypto details the considerations of these services and provides information on whether these platforms are good for your business.

Supported Exchanges: Bitsgap vs Botcrypto

Unlike other auto traders, these trading bots allow you to trade a wider selection of currencies.

Supported exchanges Bitsgap

Binance, Bitfinex, OKEx, Huobi, HitBTC, Bittrex, KuCoin, EXMO, Kraken,, LiveCoin, Poloniex, Bitstamp, Coinbene, ZB, CoinEx, Gemini,, Liquid, LBank, TheRock, BiBox, Bit-Z, DDEX, BigONE, Bithumb

Supported exchanges Botcrypto

The platform’s services are open to users of crypto exchange Binance and crypto exchange Kraken, ranked number one and number four in terms of trading volume. All cryptocurrencies on these two exchanges are supported (408 on Binance and 100 on Kraken).

Cryptocurrencies Comparison

Before we start looking at each service, from fees to mobile functionality, let’s learn more about these platforms and their origins.


Bitsgap was founded in 2017 by a group of traders, security experts, and marketers with the common goal of creating a global platform that allows traders to efficiently manage their cryptocurrency portfolios.

Starting life as a fintech startup without the support of venture capital, the firm has invested all its energy into creating a feature-rich, intuitive platform for users – and it has borne fruit.

A software update in 2021 unveiled some exciting new functionality. These include the ability to hedge with Binance Futures, a new type of order TWAP, and the addition of active statuses that allow traders to see if a bot is out of range or in pump protection.


Botcrypto was launched in France in 2017 as a cryptocurrency trading platform that targets retail traders and helps users create and set up cryptocurrency trading bots. Users don’t have to constantly look at charts and make orders over and over again.

The whole process can be automated and customized for them using this trading service.

Trading Tools

Companies have a system with many features that will help every cryptocurrency trader make money in the markets. So, let’s take a look at the toolset when working with bots.


The Bitsgap algorithm is designed to maximize profits from buying low and selling high positions every time the price fluctuates. The automated bots have risk control features such as stop loss, trailing up, take profit and several exit strategies. 

The Bitsgap trading terminal offers you several first-class tools.

  • The solution is cloud-based, so you don’t need to download anything
  • Trading bots are based on transparent and efficient logic
  • Risk-free bot trading simulator in DEMO mode
  • Backtested strategies for quick bot launch
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How to use botcrypto? On Botcrypto, you can create, personalize and manage cryptocurrency trading bots with a visual simulator. This means you don’t need to understand the code before using bots to trade on the platform.

In addition, the platform allows you to backtest simulation strategies in real time before using them in your portfolio.

Botcrypto plans

Finally, Botcrypto not only provides bots for trading, but also helps you invest with automatic purchases at repeating intervals. This method is known as Dollar Cost-Averaging.

Platforms Features: Bitsgap vs Botcrypto

The following features are just the tip of the iceberg of ready-to-use features available on platforms. Nevertheless, you should be aware of them.

Bitsgap Features

  • Arbitrage – You can make the most of price differences between two or more exchanges.
  • Trading terminal – helps you trade spot and futures on multiple exchanges using a single interface.
  • Signals – keeping track of any market anomalies in order to make the best trading decisions.
  • Portfolio tracking – a real-time generated portfolio that will allow them to track their funds and earnings.
  • Demo Market – displaying all exchange accounts that the user is connected to via an API. The ‘Demo’ feature, on the other hand, allows traders to practice using all the special features on Bitsgap.

Botcrypto Features

Botcrypto offers various features that can help with cryptocurrency trading. For example, of the more than 20 technical indicators that are available in this solution, some of the most popular include, but are not limited to, Bollinger Bands, Vortex, RSI and MACD.

Depending on your usage and setup requirements, you can find many options for using these indicators, as well as the most relevant strategies you can use in your trading bot activity. 

Pricing Plans & Subscription Structure Comparison

There are various plans available on the platforms. 

They are as follows:


The Bitsgap trading bot comes with a 14-day free trial, and you can sign up or log in using your Google or Facebook accounts. In fact, before you buy the advanced plans, you can try out the features through the demo exchange.

  • The basic paid plan costs $19 a month.
  • The advanced plan costs $44 a month.
  • The pro plan costs $110 a month.


  • Free plan (Discover): It gives you access to everything on the platform except bots.
  • Bronze plan: It gives users access to two bots on the cryptocurrency market, as well as up to 5,760 backtests for €12.49.
  • Silver Plan: With this plan you get five bots, as well as up to 7,920 backtests for €37.49.
  • Gold Plan: It gives you access to 20 bots as well as up to 10080 backtests for €74.99 monthly or €59.99 annually.
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Payment can be made by bank credit card, PayPal, Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin.


Customer Support

Investing is a risky business, and you should always be careful when investing. These organizations are trustworthy. But how are trading platforms doing in terms of customer support? 


The Bitsgap knowledge base is a great place to help you get started. It has a guide to everything from connecting to the exchange to changing the number of nets on your robot. 

Thoughtful and concise YouTube videos, blogs, and “how-to” guides mean you can get most of the information you need on your own.


Botcrypto pays a lot of attention to customer support and education. 

  • First, the site is attractive and clear. Thus, it is easy for users to navigate.
  • Secondly, there is specialized help for users through a live chat feature on the site, a listed email address and an international phone number provided for calls.   

Product Security

The platform is highly secure and can be downloaded to your desktop or smartphone. Users also have the ability to use Bitsgap directly through a web browser. If desired, traders can configure many security settings to secure their account. 

For example, Bitsgap supports two-factor authentication and email confirmation when logging in. 

In addition, all users configure permissions for their API keys. But ultimately, the app only needs access to your trading history, trading permission, and balance. At any given time, your funds remain on the exchange itself.


Bitsgap has no access to your funds or your private information. There is no need and no possibility to make any deposits on the Bitsgap platform, as all transactions are made with your funds on the exchange directly through a secure API connection.

All information is encrypted with 2048-bit standard protocols and stored in a secure network protected by a firewall, so no one has access to your data, and high security standards make Bitsgap twice as safe as most online banks.


According to Botcrypto review it is legal and secure. 

The proof is as follows:

  • They have two physical offices whose addresses are listed on the website. Thus, this gives some reason for trust. 
  • They have several major partners that are also listed on their website. Some of these partners are Unikname, Clank, Semia, Waltio, Grandest, etc. 
  • They have a press kit that gives details about their founders and team members.
  • They don’t keep your funds; they don’t need to. Your funds are stored in the exchanges you connect the bots to. The API keys they use only ask the exchanges for trading rights, but not for withdrawal rights.

Besides, API-keys which are used by bots are encrypted with AES-256 security.

Strategies and Profitability

The cryptocurrency marketplace is a constantly fluctuating and evolving space. Just like in other regular markets, any predictions can only take you so far, and you don’t know how much money you’ll make in a few hours, days, or weeks of trading.

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No bot in the world has a profitability guarantee. In fact, if any service offers you a guaranteed profit, presumably it’s not going to keep its promises.

Nevertheless, what matters is the strategies the platform offers.


Bitsgap bots are best known for their unique DCA and GRID bots. These bots allow you to do high-frequency trading, which is only available to large hedge funds, or you need to buy these instruments at high prices.


Botcrypto not only provides bots for trading purposes; it also gives access to several time-tested strategies from which crypto-traders can make their choice. Thus, it really simplifies the whole trading process.

The store offers more than sixty strategies, which are available to all users free of charge. Most of them have been suggested by the community, and new ones keep appearing. Examples are:

  • the slow bull run 
  • epic bull run
  • simple MACD 
  • smart DCEA 
  • ride the dip 2020+, etc. 

These strategies can be sorted by popularity status, by how often they are imported, and by general note about Botcrypto.

Recap: Pros and Cons

From the above, we can conclude that platforms are versatile enough to trade. But let’s compare the list of advantages and disadvantages for clarity. 


Preconfigured functionality of trading botsMarket signals dashboard Easy configuration;
Easy and fast startup;
All functions in one place;
Free package for accounts with small budgets;
Gives 2 weeks trial without credit card linkage.
Limited trading bot;
No mobile app.


The website is user-friendly and easy to navigateAccess to free strategies, backtests, and real-time simulations;
The payment plans are affordable and there is something for everyone;
Impressive customer support program with tutorials for beginners;
Doesn’t require installation before use;
Strong community where you can share strategies, ask questions and get general help.
The number of exchanges is limited;
You can only use the bot on Kraken or Binance;
A limited number of strategies.


Although cryptocurrency investing is still a very risky activity. Meanwhile, the cryptocurrency market is gradually maturing, with new derivative products and investors emerging. 

In order to keep up with the evolving market, trading platforms like Bitsgap and Botcrypto are focusing on developing tools and automated algorithms to help traders and investors of all experience levels improve returns and provide returns from market pullbacks.

You can try out these platforms to test them in your business on a trial subscription basis. Furthermore, by trading in the risk-free demo mode, you can discover and experiment with automated bots and try out new orders.

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