Bitsgap vs Kucoin bot: Which One Is The Bot For You?

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Bitcoin has changed dramatically in the cryptocurrency industry since its debut thirteen years ago.

Historically, the Crypto-currency was used solely for “secret” operations, but now is widely recognized for the potential it has generated among technology magnates. The main digital currency has entered the major cryptocurrency market, sparking the interest of ordinary stockbrokers.

Now the crypto sector beckons not only experienced traders, but also beginners. Both segments have their preferences for participation in trading.

Meeting the demands of such is not easy. Cryptocurrency markets not only need to be attentive to the range of skills available to novice traders but also to develop products that make asset management easier for exchange players at a more professional level.

While it is difficult to achieve balance, it is realistic. We suggest that you read a review of its Bitsgap vs Kucoin bot and compare their characteristics to learn more about the settings, pricing models, and overall performance.

Supported Exchanges: Bitsgap vs Kucoin bot

The most important advantage that separates bitsgap trading bot from the rest is not only the variety of services but also the number of exchanges that the platform supports.

Thanks to the exchanges listed below, Bitsgap users can keep track of current market prices and trading signals, as well as customize robot parameters. Bitsgap users can also use the arbitrage capabilities of its supporting exchanges.

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Among them are large and established exchanges: Binance, EXMO, YoBit, Bitfinexm, CEX, Bittrex, Gemini, Poloniex, Bitstamp, Kraken, KuCoin, Okex, Huobi, HitBTC,, and Bithumb.

Given that most of the listed platforms provide international services, this opens the doors of Bitsgap to a huge number of users.

Kucoin bots have over 340 different trading pairs. An example of a trading pair is BTC/ETH, which means exchanging Bitcoin for Ethereum. They support over 75 separate cryptocurrencies and are constantly adding new ones to this list.

This list includes the most popular coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash as well as less popular coins such as VeChain and Lympo.

Cryptocurrencies Comparison

Bitsgap is a cryptocurrency management platform that provides some services to traders of digital assets. 

Bitsgap pulls together several user requirements – it makes it easy to manage a portfolio and meets all the important trading objectives.

What makes bitsgap vs kucoin bot different is precisely that the first platform is based on a single service model. 

The bot allows several useful features and strategies to be used simultaneously. This noticeably increases the value of this platform and makes it a higher priority, all the more so for experienced traders who use such services daily.

KuCoin Crypto Exchange is a platform for exchanging and trading cryptocurrencies. Spot, margin, and futures trading is available. The list of trading instruments of the exchange includes dozens of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Etherium, Tezer, etc. The crypto exchange offers its trading terminal – there is a web version and a mobile version for Android and iOS devices. The terminal contains basic analytics, charts, and indicators. It is possible to deposit funds from debit cards, cryptocurrency, and e-wallets. These methods are also available for withdrawal.  

KuCoin Crypto Exchange
The KuCoin app and website allow you to start crypto trading with ease

Compared to other cryptocurrency exchanges, KuCoin offers a huge selection of digital currencies and low commissions. In addition, it has a wide range of advanced trading options. However, KuCoin is not without its drawbacks. If you want to buy or sell cryptocurrency on the KuCoin exchange, it would be a good idea to compare the platform with other top-tier exchanges.

Trading Tools

Bitsgap has a great interface. The UI is pleasing to the eye but still includes advanced features.

The interface also has a feature to switch from day mode to night mode, ensuring that you won’t have to adjust your robots’ parameters to trade with wet eyes from the pain of the middle of the night.

These weighty and necessary features make it easy to use the Bitsgap bot, without regard to whether you’re using it on a PC or your phone. It also simplifies the application of complex options, which will be a significant plus for traders who don’t have a lot of time to learn all the schemes and mechanisms.

KuCoin is also a secure cryptocurrency exchange. You can trade comfortably on KuCoin knowing that your digital assets are safe on the exchange. KuCoin uses multiple layers of security, including micro-exchange wallets, industry-grade multi-level encryption, and dynamic multifactor authentication.

Platforms Features

Bitsgap includes features such as:

  • More than 25 exchanges in support.
  • At least 10,000 trading pairs
  • At least 75 indicators
  • Demo trading mode=
  • Portfolio Management
  • Strategies for robots
  • Signals
  • Different Types of Trades
  • Smart orders (Stop-Loss/Take-Profit)
  • TradingView Charts

Many users go to the platform only to buy cryptocurrency on the KuCoin exchange, and then resell it at a better price. 

However, this is not the only feature of the service, it offers several additional features:

  • Mining support

The site is engaged in the development of cryptocurrency mining, so it offers clients to help them do this. To do this, you need to synchronize your equipment with the service. 

  • Cryptocurrency lending. 

In this case, the lender receives a percentage from the borrower for the use of his funds, and the exchange charges him a certain commission.

  • Lotteries

The cryptocurrency exchange conducts its lottery draws. To participate in them you need to buy a virtual ticket, which can be sold for USDT or cryptocurrency.  

Pricing Plans & Subscription Structure Comparison

Bitsgap has a free plan in its arsenal that has all the basic options available, but it limits some other options. It also has a $1,000 monthly trading volume limit.

Bitsgap pricing
At the time of writing this review, Bitsgap offers 3 unique plans

“Subscription” Bitsgap services exist in three-tier packages, which include a mix of all the standard options of this platform and unlimited trades.

  • Basic Package.
  • Advanced Package
  • Pro Package.

Customer Support

Bitsgap has an excellent knowledge base, which is also updated with articles in Russian. When users encounter difficulties forcing them to write tickets to Bitsgap, the platform provides help.

Support agents answer emails and communicate via Live Chat in all packages. Bitsgap also gives priority help to users who are on a Basic or Pro plan. Bitsgap users are free to contact support and get the help they need in their native language.

As we know from the kucoin bot trading review, the biggest advantage has never been its customer support team, but recently things have improved: the exchange has created more channels and increased its responsiveness by launching a bot to respond in 2021. Like other exchanges in the crypto space, KuCoin does not provide its customers with a support phone number. If you have a problem with KuCoin, it’s best to contact the company’s support team via email, or mobile app chat.

Product Security

Bitsgap uses basic security parameters that are the norm for any such platform.

The platform supports two-factor authentication. However, it also prevents access from the API when withdrawals are enabled.

Such measures act as a guarantee that fraudsters can’t get control of your money.

Despite top-level security checks and procedures, the KuCoin exchange fell victim to a massive security breach in 2020. Users’ wallets were hacked, resulting in a loss of nearly $280 million in cryptocurrencies. Fortunately, a significant portion (94%) of the stolen assets were recovered, and insurance covered the remaining losses.  

KuCoin security
KuCoin always puts user safety first

KuCoin has now implemented several account security settings to help protect funds:

  • Trade password
  • 2FA
  • Anti-phishing and login phrase
  • Email and mobile verification
  • Security issues
  • IP Login Restrictions

Strategies and Profitability

Since Bitsgap is not only a trading bot but also an exchange aggregator, its prices are focused on the functionality it offers.

But even in this case, the pricing policy of the service is quite modest.

Considering that it is impossible to predict the profitability ratio of trading robots for sure, Bitsgap bot tries not to give illusions to its users. This is an honest approach, which increases the credibility of the platform.

The demo mode that exists on Bitsgap is great for giving you an idea of what to expect. It gives you a chance to evaluate the strategies you choose and see if certain mechanisms are profitable.

Which KuCoin trading bot suits you best in terms of value?

  • Classic Grid
  • Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA)
  • Futures Grid 

Please also note that the Futures Grid bot works on the futures market, as compared to the Classic Grid bot. In the event of extreme market volatility, there is still a risk of liquidation.

Recap: Pros and Cons

Bitsgap’s strengths over its competitors are:

  • a wide selection of assets – more than 600 pairs with cryptocurrencies;
  • availability of several tariff plans with different subscription fees, the amount of which can be reduced by paying for 6 months of use at once;
  • absence of trading commissions for transactions and additional charges for deposit and withdrawal;
  • ability to trade using bots without additional commissions;
  • integration with more than 20 largest crypto exchanges;
  • availability of a functional trading platform based on TradingView.

Weaknesses of Bitsgap:

  • can’t trade with leverage;
  • no license from a reliable regulator;
  • no online chat or phone support.

KuCoin’s strengths over its competitors are:

  • major cryptocurrencies and tokens are represented on the exchange;
  • cryptocurrency exchange, spot, margin, and futures trading;
  • leverage up to x100 in the professional version;
  • large trading volumes;
  • a detailed guide for beginner crypto-traders;
  • Adaptive calculation of commission depending on trading volume;
  • you can place your best coin of kucoin bot on the exchange.

Weaknesses of KuCoin:

  • not full localization (many materials in English);
  • technical support is only in English.


As of today, Bitsgap remains an extremely entertaining service for anyone who wants to get their cryptocurrency trading managed through a single platform.

KuCoin Exchange is one of the largest crypto exchanges with large transaction volumes. It features all major cryptocurrencies and tokens. Its trading terminal is convenient for both novice traders and professionals. Some difficulties may arise for users who do not know English well because many materials and functions are available only in it.

We hope that this review of the two platforms will help you make the right decision.

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