Bitsgap vs Wunderbit: Which One Is The Bot For You?

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Carefully study each platform before you start working with it. Learn what security methods are used there. You should keep two-factor authentication active at all times to limit access to your account. Bitsgap and Wunderbit trading bot are by far the best decisions you can make these days.

Explore the marketplace and see which is better – Bitsgap bot or Wunderbit bot.

Supported Exchanges: Bitsgap vs Wunderbit

Platforms do not provide an unlimited supply of exchanges. But you have sufficient variety for trading.  

Supported exchanges Bitsgap

The Bitsgap currently supports 25 different cryptocurrency exchanges, among them some of the top ones: the Binance, the Coinbase Pro, OKEX and the Kraken exchanges. It also includes Binance Futures, allowing traders to hedge their point trades.

Supported exchanges WunderBit

The following exchanges by WunderBit are: FTX, Deribit, the Binance, Bybit, Bitmex, BitBTC, Bitpanda, Bittrex, Cucoin, OKEX, the Kraken and FTX US.

Cryptocurrencies Comparison

This cryptocurrency trading bots review covers full information about the programs, incl. the pricing plans, trends, demo trading, trading terminal, as well as pluses and minuses. 


Bitsgap is a hosted cloud-based cryptocurrency trading bot that can be accessible from any given device at all times. Even if you are offline, your preset orders of the cryptocurrency trade bot will be fulfilled.

Furthermore, the Bitsgap platform can connect to all the leading crypto exchanges that deal in bitcoin through APIs.


WunderBit is an alternative network and one of the top cryptocurrency trading bots on the commercial market.

It is a firm that provides crystal-currency services and software applications to encourage the adoption of cryptocurrency for real-world use. It is a licensed, credentialed and regulated online financial institution that enables its clients to buy and trade Bitcoin securely and confidently.

Trading Tools

While there are many cryptocurrency trading bots available, not all of them have the right set of tools for quality trading. Let’s see what Bitsgap and Wunderbar offer.


First, the platform has advanced arbitrage tools. These tools allow you to maximize the difference in price between different assets on different exchanges. This also helps you reduce the risk of slippage when trading.

There’s also an innovative trading terminal. It’s essentially a gateway to the entire cryptocurrency market. It allows you to buy and sell crypto assets on different exchanges using a single interface.

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The exchanges that Bitsgap supports are also some of the leading exchanges in the world.

The only thing you need is an exchange or account balance in your wallet to be able to trade.

Bitsgap users also get advanced portfolio tracking tools. Managing a wide variety of crypto assets can be challenging. But Bitsgap brings all these assets together in one place and gives you advanced portfolio management solutions.

You can also use these tools on mobile devices to ensure you trade and manage your portfolio on the go. 


Among WunderBit’s tools:

  • Copy Trading – Here you can copy the best crypto traders with a transparent track record.
  • Advanced Trading Terminal – Make trades from any connected exchange.
  • Fully automated trading bot – Integrate your WunderBit trading bot with TradingView.

Platforms Features

In this section, we’ll look at all the features and functions of the platforms to help you decide if it’s right for you.

Bitsgap Features

  • Shadow Orders – This allows you to make hidden trades that are outside the order book without reserving your available balance on the exchange.
  • Demo Mode – allows you to test the capabilities and performance of the bot without risking any money. This is useful if you’re new to cryptocurrencies and don’t want to risk any of your portfolios.
  • Cryptocurrency trading bots are fully automated trading bots that allow you to automatically create buy and sell orders.
  • Semi-Automatic Arbitrage – this feature makes it easier for ordinary users to take advantage of price differences between cryptocurrency markets and make profits.

WunderBit Features

  • Smart Trading – flexible way to create orders for smart trading: add and edit take profit, stop loss, and trailing stops to any order.
  • Trading Bots – automate any TradingView script into a fully functioning cryptocurrency trading bot.
  • Spread Trading Terminal – create a synthetic spread with low volatility based on any exchange products.
  • DCA Bot – buy a certain portion of assets after a set price deviation.
  • Crypto Portfolio Tracker – a simple and accurate tool to track the cryptocurrency portfolio of all your crypto exchange accounts.
  • Manage Multiple Accounts – Traders can easily manage multiple cryptocurrency accounts.

Pricing Plans & Subscription Structure Comparison

Below you can check out the different payment plans and offers of these two platforms: 

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Bitsgap offers three subscription pricing options: Basic, Advanced, and Pro.

  • Basic subscription – $19 per month.
  • Advanced Subscription – $44 per month.
  • Pro Subscription – $110 per month.
  • The Pro account offers unlimited trading, 15 bots, and priority customer support.

Bitsgap’s fee structure means their price is reasonable enough if you plan to trade large volumes.  


The developers offer 4 Wunderbit pricing subscriptions: 

  • The Free includes 2 active bots and one connection as well as access to spot and futures trading.
  • The Basic ($9,95) includes up to 5 active bots, 2 connections, and all features from the Free plan.
  • The Pro ($24,95 per month) includes up to 15 active bots, 5 connections, and all basic features.
  • The Premium ($44,95/month) offers a one-week training system. It includes unlimited bots, all available connections, and all possible features.

Customer Support

Platforms are very clear that their top-level service and customer support are important reasons why you should choose them. 


Bitsgap provides users with detailed information that can be useful in a variety of cases. In case of difficulties, customers can easily contact representatives of the firm, who are always ready to provide help.

The service offers email support for all of its subscriptions. Bitsgap also offers priority support for users who are on an Advanced or Pro plan.  


Wunderbit has managed to maintain its reputation as a platform that provides fast, high-quality customer support.

Wunderbit reviews collected from various rating sites show that the brand’s support team is extremely efficient and helpful in solving customer problems.


Product Security

Services invest heavily in platform security and better technology to give you a seamless experience using their platform.


Bitsgap claims to be twice as secure as most online banks because of the heavy-duty encryption and firewalls installed on any data coming into its servers. In addition, as a customer, you have the option to implement 2FA on your account, a vital step in security from hackers.


It is a secure platform that does not store any cryptocurrency funds. Users connect to cryptocurrency exchanges using API keys and set up permissions through their user accounts. 

Automated cryptocurrency trading bots will make trades on the exchanges you connect through the API. Bots can be given limited access and authority only to make trades. Withdrawal permissions can be disabled, ensuring the safety of users’ funds when using Wunderbit Trading.

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Strategies and Profitability

Bots are a controversial component of the cryptocurrency market. Once you pick a strategy that works for you, however, the bot can do the other stuff. 


The strategies of Bitsgap cryptocurrency trading bots are suitable for different kinds of market conditions. At Bitsgap we have cryptocurrency trading bots for trend market, flat market and correction phase.

Our Bitsgap Grid bot is ideal when the trending market is flat and trades sideways for an extended period of time.

Corrections and small sideways price consolidations occur periodically within a trend prior to a new spurt to the upside.


Wunderbit’s cryptocurrency trading process and strategy is simple. Consumers can start by buying cryptocurrency and then depositing funds using their credit cards.

And when it comes to selling crypto assets, the use of cryptocurrency trading bots has simplified the process. Since these automated bots can make trades in the market, the vibrant aspect of the market no longer worries sellers. 

Wunderbit's cryptocurrency

Recap: Pros and Cons

There are enough comments on the web about this platform. Users speak well of the interface, and the speed of transactions. However, let’s take a cheeky look at the list of pros and cons of Bitsgap and Wunderbit.


Comfortable platform and quick startCustom trading bots;
Choice of pricing plans and 7-day demo account;
25+ supported exchanges and over 10,000 trading pairs;
Local currency conversion and cryptocurrency exchangeAffiliate program and a lot of handy tools.
No mobile app.


Automatically place trades when you’re away from the markets;
Take the emotional stress out of cryptocurrency tradingBack-test your trading strategy to ensure consistent capital growth.
Requires knowledge of technical analysis to create and execute a trading bot;
Requires time to change strategy and coding for consistent profits;
Market dynamics can negatively impact bot performance.


A cryptocurrency market is one of the most volatile and dynamic, subject to significant fluctuations and operating around the clock. This can become a problem for people who don’t want to lose any opportunities or the value of their cryptoassets.

High-quality platforms prevent this by allowing automated trading bots to track the market and execute trades as directed by users.

The two platforms include several features that will benefit traders and investors of varying levels of experience looking to increase returns on their crypto portfolio. 

Finally, it is important to note that Wunderbit Trading is just as well designed and easy to use as Bitsgap.

That is why these trading services are recommended for both beginners and serious crypto traders.

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